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  • Environment

  • Permeable Reactive Barriers

    Permeable Reactive Barriers

    GeoSierra's azimuth controlled injection technology has been used to construct full scale iron permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) from moderate depths (~50 ft bgs) down to significant depth (>180 ft bgs). The injection technology constructs the iron treatment wall from a series of conventionally drilled boreholes along the prescribed wall alignment, with specialized frac casings grouted into the boreholes. The iron treatment wall is constructed by...

  • Subsurface Impermeable Barriers (PRBs)

    Subsurface Impermeable Barriers (PRBs)

    GeoSierra has pioneered the installation of trenchless subsurface permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) for groundwater remediation and has installed kilometers of PRBs at sites throughout the USA. The same technology is used to create a subsurface impermeable barrier, as a freeze wall, or impermeable by grout injection or the injection of a special swellable proppant. The imperable barrier can provide containment of hazardous wastes or as a fluid loss...

  • Soil Remediation Services

    Soil Remediation Services

    Frac Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction: GeoSierra has pioneered the use of inclusion propagation using non-invasive fluids to enhance the permeability of low permeable soils for effective Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE). Tight soils are not amenable to conventional SVE due to their low permeability. Installing horizontal sand filled inclusions into these soils...