Geosol Geotechnical Engineering Co. Ltd.

Geosol Geotechnical Engineering Co. Ltd.

Geosol Geotechnical Engineering Co. Ltd.

Specialist in geotechnical engineering, having wide range of expertise in Geotechnical activities like, Drilling, Micropiling, Stablisation of Ground , Pressure grouting, Improvement of soil, Shotcreting and repairing of concrete. We are based in Saudi Arabia and our presence is in international level of GCC regions. We are dedicated with the latest technologies in Micropiling with compact machines its begins from weight of 350 kilograms can access any congested locations along with experienced manpower skills having experience in relevant sector more than 20 years with various clients like Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Ministry of Water, Power, Transport, Several petrochemical industries and refineries. Our reputation for speedy and timely execution of major foundation engineering projects to world class quality and safety standards. We do;Appraisal, Designing, execution and testing of piles. and more ................

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King faizal west street, Jubail Industrial city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Al Jubail , Please select Saudi Arabia
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Internationally (various countries)

This is a method to reduce or arrest the settlement and uplifting in both existing and new structures. Micropiles are designed with centrally placed steel reinforcing member consisting of single bar, multiple bars or threaded hollow bar surround of grout, used to carry compression and tension loads. Also Micro piling is a method to stabilize the structures in normal and sensitive areas. This is especially a useful method in confined work space, with limited head rooms. Normally light and compact type of equipment are using for Micro piling so can avoid high disturbances and heavy impact to surroundings in terms of exhaust fumes, noise, pollution and vibrations on sensitive areas.

There are many types of Micropiles are commonly using for foundation support. These are Open hole piles, Thin wall bottom driven cased piles, Pipe piles, Self drilled and pressure grouted piles etc. Many advantages in the case of self-drilled and pressure grouted piles. In this system high pressure grout is injected to hollow bar through sacrificial bit and the continues grouting process causes the grout to permeate into looser adjacent soils or voids and producing a filter cake of micropile. This is a quick installation that combines drilling, placing and grouting in one operation.

Grouting is one of most effective solution for ground improvement. Grouting is the process of cement, resinous or solution chemical mixtures injecting to the ground with specific pressure. The grouting process that fills pores in granular soil or voids in the rock or soil, with flowable parti culate grouts. The grouted mass has an increased strength and stiffness, and reduced permeability. So it prevent the movements, minimize the permeability and underpinning the adjacent structures. The usage is varies depends on the application.

Soil or Rock Anchors generally consist of high strength steel elements (bars or strands) grouted in a drilled hole. The bars or strands are subsequently tensioned. This provides lateral or vertical force to resist movement of a retaining structure. Anchors are often used for excavation support, or as a part of permanent retaining walls, or to resist up-lift forces on foundations. Geosol uses rock anchors to stabilize slopes and walls, provide tiebacks for bridges, stabilize dams, and secure caisson bottoms.

Soil nailing is an efficient, effective and economical technique for stabilizing slopes and for constructing retaining walls from the top down. This ground reinforcement process uses high strength steel bars or tendons which are drilled and grouted into the soil to create a composite mass similar to a gravity wall. A Shotcrete facing is typically applied, though many architectural options such as precast panels for permanent wall facings. Soil nail provides friction, shear and tension strength in loose materials, so in the final stage many independent  jects combining and transforms in to a monolithic structure.