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  • Groundwater and Soil Treatment

  • Pneumatic Geo Pump

    Pneumatic Geo Pump

    The range of pneumatic pumps (Geopump) is the result of years of experience, development and refinement. The pumps are designed and constructed for the remediation of groundwater and for the containment and management of landfill leachate and wastewater.

  • Soil Vapour Extraction Bio-Venting

    Soil Vapour Extraction Bio-Venting

    Soil Vapor Extraction plants (SVE) are used for interstitial gas extraction and for removal of bio gas. The systems are designed to meet customer needs in order to treat both gaseous and liquid emissions. Bio-venting: the process essentially activates and promotes bacterial flora, which supports the process of bioremediation in the unsaturated zone.

  • Air Sparging System

    Air Sparging System

    Air Sparging (AS) is a remediation technology that allows the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the dissolved phase in groundwater through the injection of air in the underground.

  • Steam Injecton System

    Steam Injecton System

    This process can be used to address and successfully resolve difficult and complex issues. The injected pressure in the saturated zone can induce the mobilization of contaminants (heavy oils) and the volatilization of the compounds in the aquifer.

  • Gas Filtration System

    Gas Filtration System

    Geostream has its own standard range of filters for the treatment of gaseous effluents. In addition to the standard range, it is possible to provide custom built solutions to optimize plant efficiency.

  • Minicombust  - Catalytic Oxidiser System

    Minicombust - Catalytic Oxidiser System

    The Minicombust is a catalytic oxidiser developed for a range of applications in both environmental remediation operations and industrial applications. This compact fully automatic catalytic oxidation system comes in two standard versions with rated capacities of 150 m³ / h and 500 m³ / h. The Minicombusts are equipped with a dedicated control system to maximise productivity and safety. Constant monitoring of parameters, such as combustion...

  • Condensation - Cooling and Drying System

    Condensation - Cooling and Drying System

    This process is based on cooling the effluent to very low temperatures, using liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic fluid as the refrigerant. This allows the separation of the pollutants by reducing the vapour pressure in relation to the equilibrium between liquid / vapor and solid / vapor. By implementing a condensation system it is possible to reduce the moisture loading and to potentially recover contaminants present in the gas streams from strippers,...

  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation System (ISCO)

    In Situ Chemical Oxidation System (ISCO)

    ISCO (In Situ Chemical Oxidation) is a technology that involves the sub-surface injection of oxidising reagents and blends, together with suitable catalysts, in order to oxidize organic contaminants (petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons) into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen. Geostream has significant experience in in-situ chemical oxidation using permanganate in particular; in fact ISCO with permanganate is a technology highly effective not only...