Geotech Ltd.

Geotech Ltd.

Geotech Ltd. is a mining, energy, engineering and environmental services company providing airborne geophysical survey services and instrumentation worldwide. From fixed-wing and helicopter geophysical platforms Geotech provides sub-surface analysis of lithology for site characterization, mapping water resources, mapping soil types and changes for agricultural and detection and location of buried infrastructure - all from surface to depths up to 500 m. Geophex, Ltd, part of the Geotech group, is a geophysical instrumentation manufacturer of specialized and customized ground electromagnetic geophysical instruments for mapping geology, water resources, UXO, voids and buried infrastructure.

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245 Industrial Parkway North , Aurora , Ontario L4G 4C4 Canada
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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

Geotech collects and interprets data that reveals what is at and beneath the earth’s surface. Geotech applies the best available technology in its world-wide search for economic concentrations of mineral and petroleum resources and in the precision-mapping of the earth’s surface and objects upon it.

With over 150 employees and contractors, and a fleet of over two dozen helicopter and fixed wing survey systems worldwide, Geotech is surveying on every continent in the world where exploration activity is underway, and over its history has logged over 10 million line kilometers of fixed wing surveys and over 2 million line kilometers of helicopter surveys – enough to circle the globe over 300 times.

Geotech is a global geoscience services organization providing airborne geophysical technologies and services, including the latest in airborne data acquisition, processing and interpretation services, to the resource, energy and environmental industries.

We are committed to becoming the supplier of choice for airborne geophysical surveys to our current and prospective clients.  We strive to match the right geophysical technology delivered on the right airborne survey platform to produce the best possible survey result given each client’s unique circumstances. We use the broadest possible range of leading edge geophysical technologies and deploy them on both helicopter and fixed wing systems in an effort to maximize the prospects of successful discoveries by our clients.


  • To be the most sought-after provider of innovative geoscience solutions in our markets


  • Invest in innovation
  • Expand international operations
  • Broaden technologies and markets


  • Establish market-leading positions in all of our core technologies by re-thinking the art of the possible
  • Continuously invest to develop the experience and expertise of our people
  • Open up markets in Latin America, MENA, and Eurasia, in particular
  • Allocate labour to take advantage of non-domestic expertise
  • Identify new technologies that are complementary with our technologies or complementary with our service delivery model
  • Develop new applications and open new markets for our products and services