Geotechnical Services, Inc

Geotechnical Services, Inc

Your Environmental supply source for Portable Field Testing and Sampling Instruments to: sample soil, sample and test water quality, passive product skimmers, measure depth, pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen and ORP. We stock Safety Equipment and Clothing. Distributor of XRF Elemental Analysis instruments for, contaminants in soils, PMI ,Precious Metals & Gold Analysis, lead in toys, petroleum, Mining, Rohs, low sulfur, etc. Multiple sample benchtop XRF Analyzers, handheld XRF analyzers, ED-XRF ..and much more.

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2852 Walnut Ave Ste E-1 , Tustin , CA 92780 USA
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Environmental Monitoring
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Nationally (across the country)
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less than 1,000,000 €


Jeanne makes our contact calls. So you may hear from her if you e-mail us.

Marcelo keeps the computers and web site in working order.
Vicky has a knack for repairing and checking your intruments, call her at 1-800-524-9111. Vicky does calibration and all repairs on your air tester, sniffer, VOC detectors. She also works on Solinst water level meters and so much more... Check out the repair link for more information. As usual she wants to turn your instrument around as fast as possible. She may repair it before you leave the office. But if your instrument is down, she is the one to get you a rental unit in the field. Check out the link for all the field instruments we rent.

Deblyn Palella is our XRF elemental analyzer sales specialists. Concentrating on handheld and benchtop xrf analyzers for detection of lead, heavy metals and alloys of steel in metals, mining, plastics, dirt, air as well as sulfur in liquids. In addition to heavy metal, Deblyn is interested in different kinds of 'rock' - music that is! Along with Connie their band Zoey's Trip has been voted one of the top 100 Unsigned Bands in Southern California.

Connie and Pat are in our accounting department. Need to get paid, or pay us? Talk to one of them.

Fred Schramm is our lead phone salesperson, always available at 1-800-524-9111. He sells everything from filters to bentonite and he can find those strange products you don't know where to find. However, he is an expert on Xitech® the groundwater skimmer for floating/sinking products. Fred will meet you in the field and observe your installation so you can start your cleanup.

Bob Misen is president, and started Geotechnical Services with some help from Patty, Connie and Christina. He might not know the answer to your question, but for sure he can get someone to answer it!