Gestalt Advanced Management Institute(GAMI)

We are involved in corporate communications solutions,training,research and advisory services. Our company started in 2006. It was then known as Gestalt Consultants. In 2010 We, due to organizational transformations, changed the name to Gestalt Advanced Management Institute.

Company details

P.O.BOX 2179 , Matsapha , Swaziland

Locations Served

Business Type:
Training provider
Industry Type:
Environmental - Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

Gestalt Advanced Management Institute[GAMI] was established in 2006. It was then known and operated as GESTALT CONSULTANTS. In November 2010, the name GAMI was adopted by the company directors following a major re-organization  and  re-structuring.


  • To build a training firm that leads while others follow
  • To be the hub of management research
  • To be centre of excellence and effective management solutions


  • To be first among equals and a world class management training organization.

Corporate Headquarters

GAMI operations office is located at plot 723 Imbolwane street, Manzini, Swaziland. The corporate headquarters  is the administrative hub and operations coordination centre. It also serves as training venue for courses that are scheduled to hold in Swaziland. Operations in the headquarters are handled by three units.  These units include: Programme development and training coordination unit, Consultancy and Research unit and marketing and clients Relations unit.

Our Services

We provide  two kinds of services. These are :

Management training and human resource development. In this regard we offer management skills and knowledge development programmes Topical issues are drawn from HR and personnel management, risk management, assets management, corporate communications, economy and policy development.

Consultancy services. Our consultancy unit handles the following projects :
Risk management framework designs.
Project risk analysis and management.
Performance measurement systems design.
Selection and recruitment management.

The Management training and Skills Development Unit

This unit is responsible for course development ,training planning and implementation. It is directly managed by the Executive Director; who oversees all activities in the department. In terms of staff composition , this unit is made up of the executive director, a number of administrative assistants and a group of seasoned permanent and part time facilitators and consultants.

Our Facilitators and Consultants:

We  engage the services of experienced facilitators and consultants. Our facilitators are usually drawn from Universities and research institutes around Africa. We make sure facilitators are engaged in the areas they have proven track records. This approach has enabled us maintain an excellent level of performance in training service delivery.

Training Methodology:

Our  courses  are delivered to participants through concepts definition and analysis, concept application and practices, Participants experience analysis, case-studies and management games, simulations and workshops.

Use of Technology in Training

We use state of the art technological gadgets like modern projectors, management video games, white boards, simulation softwares , e.t.c.

Our Clients Basket:

Since its inception in 2006,GAMI has constantly provided training services to a number of governmental organizations around Africa. These organizations include:

  • Ministry of Home Affairs ,Swaziland
  • Swaziland National Provident Fund
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy, Namibia
  • Reserve Bank of Malawi
  • Bank of Tanzania
  • Swaziland Electricity Company
  • Reserve Bank of Malawi.
  • National Planning Commission, Nigeria.

We shall be glad to have your organization included in this list of great clients of GAMI.
You are welcome.

Training Venues
GAMI training sessions are held in the following locations:

South Africa
Training sessions are conducted in the locations below:
Durban , Johannesburg and Pretoria .

Programs which are selected to take place in Swaziland are conducted at the administrative headquarters of GAMI.

Programs scheduled to be delivered in Mozambique are conducted in Maputo, the capital city.

We conduct training programmes in Nigeria for organizations that have a large number of staff to train at a time. Trainings in Nigeria are held in different states.

Some of our programmes are scheduled to hold in Dubai. For information on such programmes contact GAMI administrators.

On clients’ request training programs can be carried out within  clients’ premises. This can  be done if the client would sponsor at least minimum of 6 participants to a single course at the same time.


  • GAMI  offers  professional courses which are meant to improve the skills, and practice standard of participants.
  • We use adult education strategies thereby making learning  simple  for the clients.
  • We are flexible in issues of venue  and time .
  • We have experienced facilitators and consultants.
  • Finally, our courses have global perspective, yet we give attention to African stand-points.