Gesu Treatment Technologies

Gesu Treatment Technologies

Gesu Treatment Technologies

Gesu Treatment Technologies Engaged in industrial and domestic waste water treatment, recycling of purified water, water treatment facilities and operations of such facilities, our company has successfully completed all the projects by using advanced technologies. Our company is winning the complete confidence of its customers as of 1996 and has earned its rightful title in environmental technologies. Our company had done all the facilities, after the end of that period it also provides technical services.

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Görükle Sanayi Bölgesi Gümüş Cad. No:5 Nilüfer , Bursa , Turkey
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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

GESU is an engineering company specializing in Environmental Technologies (Waste Water Treatment, Wastewater Recycling, Water Processing, Gas Treatment)  turnkey installation of facilities. Major feature of our company is that its employer is environmental engineer (ITU), has interest in technological advances and is in an actual application for over 20 years, and our company has expert staff of engineers, expert technicians and mounters having same knowledge and worldview.

Our Mission,
To undertake to establish a facility on turnkey basis in best way from project stage through completion of construction in Environmental Technologies sector, and to guarantee minimum operating costs and full customer satisfaction.

Our Vision,
To be a global company in Environmental Technologies sector.

It is made for removal of self-settleable solids and floating matters contained in physical treatment of wastewater. Equipment used for this purpose are coarse grid and drum sieves, sand and oil holders. In general, biological, or chemical or physical treatment plants waste treatment systems are used. It will be possible to eliminate a part of the pollutants in the wastewater. Founded at the beginning of the chemical or biological treatment plants, the physical treatment plants reduces the pollution load coming from the main treatment system, and prevents damage of equipments such as pipe, valve and so on in the main treatment. It also reduces operating costs of main treatment plant.

Biological treatment processes can be classified as aerobic and anaerobic treatment. They are aerobic treatment processes performed in the presence of air purification. The most common applications of aerobic biological treatment are the SBR process (Sequencing Batch Reactors) and the activated sludge process. In application of  Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), our company is one of the reputable companies in our country. In addition, the Nitrogen Phosphorus Removal refinements and extended aeration activated sludge plants are designed for village, town and city treatments.

In chemical treatment plants allowing water soluble and suspended solid matters to ve precipitated and in this way to be removed from water, chemical substances are added to wastewater in proper pH range. These chemical substances providing precipitation in chemical treatment processes are called as coagulant and flocculant matters. Chemical treatment processes consists of coagulation, flocculation, neutralization, and chemical precipitation units. Our company's most important feature in the chemical treatment is know-how  laminated settlement pools. Thanks to these pools, suspended solids (SS) leakage from settlement pools are minimized. Also chemical treatment is applied in dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems. In this system (DAF), the difference is not sedimented sludge, floatation system is taken. Our company has also projects on DAF.

In our country, our company has knowledge and important references in chemical treatment and refining of heavy metals. In Heavy Metal refining, nickel, chromium 6, Zinc, Copper, Cyanide, Elokral, Gakroniz, hard chrome and phosphate plants are built. Waste waters from these plants are also offered to industrialists as recycling.

It is required to perform sludge dewatering in order to remove sewage sludge with high water content occurred at the end of biological or chemical treatment, and provide final disposal. The most common equipment used in sludge dewatering is filter press. Treatment sludges are pressed to a filter press under high pressure with help of a sludge pump, and it is compressed between plakes and so released water is given. after press is filled and dried, plates are opened and treatment sludges are removed with containers in form of cakes. In addition to filter press, most commonly used sludge dewatering equipments are belt presses and decanters.

Sand and activated carbon filters can also be used for filtration purpose prior to the UF and RO systems and after chemical and biological treatment in waste water recycling systems as well as clean water systems. Sand filters can filter all particles in water and turbidity at 20 micron level. Over time, accumulation occurred in filters are discarded from the system with backwash process. Activated carbon filters hold organic molecules having water.


The use of ultrafiltration system before RO unit has the effect of prolonging the life of RO membranes and  increasing the efficiency of the plant. As used in clean water, UF modules are used in waste water recycling systems prior to reverse osmosis systems. The wastewater to be recovered from outlet of wastewater treatment plant is fed on UF system after passing sand and activated carbon filters. Pretreatment of water before feeding to reverse osmosis system with UF system can be realized perfectly. UF system provides the following properties of water;

  • 100% of bacteria and virus removal,
  • 100% particle removal,
  • 25-50% of organic matter removal,
  • <0.1 NTU turbidity,max. 0.02 micron filtration.

Thanks to RO system, all the ions inside water are treated at the rate of 98-99%, water having low conductivity is provided, and they are accumulated on storage tank. Osmosis is equilization of ion concentration of two solutions having different ion concentration, and a semi-permeable membrane between them with help of osmic pressure. In order to reverse this process, when a pressure larger than osmic pressure with a pump, semi-permeable membrane having 5 angstrom sized pores allows pure water passing and holds bacteria, pyrogens, organic substances, suspended solids, dissolved salts, nitrate, aluminum and heavy amount of metals.  No process other than reverse osmosis water alone can yield all these foreign substances.


The pH of the chemical content in the acid neutralization of high concentrations of acid mist through the high-water wash system, is provided to neutralize the acidic gas. In addition to low costs and maintenance costs, it provides a great advantage in terms of ease of maintenance. After washing the gas, air and water particles are separated from each other by the separator system and clean air absorved by main system fan is discharged to atmosphere through a flue. The  water in the tank can be used on the system again. It can be manufactured in vertical and horizontal type as Rashing ring.

In addition, for the elimination of odors of ammonia and hydrogen gases, scrubber towers are used. Know-how of scrubber towers belongs to our company and all manufacturing is done in our own factory.