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  • Compactors- Monobloc Compactors

  • Kub - Monoblocs Compactors

    Kub - Monoblocs Compactors

    The  KUB is a new patented concept of compactor ,  positioned as an economic and ergonomic  alternative to a  30 m3 hook lift container  (with sliding or hydraulic Roofs). With the same dimensions as a 20m3 mobile  compactor  or a 30 m3 Hook lift Container ,  it  works  with 220 volts and offers  a storage capacity of 24 m3 and a rate of compaction from 3 to 4 .

  • Paktor - Model Mi3 - V1 - Monobloc Compactor

    Paktor - Model Mi3 - V1 - Monobloc Compactor

    Innovative automated production which has placed the PAKTOR V1 as the most successful compactor on the French market. Monoblock Compactor with ram plate. 24m ³ Volume. Options: integrated Bin Lifter, Double lifting grips, Reinforced Waterproofing. Docked platform, publicity (side walls and doors).

  • Deko - Monoblocs Compactor

    Deko - Monoblocs Compactor

    Large format and Quadri color Printing on each side. Advertising media support. Anti UV, Anti graffiti. Optional rear side printing.

  • Paktor - Monobloc Compactors

    Paktor - Monobloc Compactors

    Prehension for skip loader truck. Ideal equipment for the food waste collection. Liquid tight compactor. Safety thanks to the securitized acces doors.