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  • GillTrading - WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System

    GillTrading - WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System

    WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System are engineered to the specific design parameters of each tank .WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems are ' ONLY technology that is SCADA/PLCATIMI automated. WeirWasher. ACS removes the algae, scum, grease, and other debris that grow. build up on weirs, troughs, baffles and oth. using rotational spray.WeirWasher ACS removes Grease Wax, Polymers, Resins. Pulp, Fibers and other sticky materials from the weirs, trough...

  • Eco-Blaster - Biological Control Systems

    Eco-Blaster - Biological Control Systems

    Belt Blaster cleans from either side and penetrates through the belt not only cleaning the back side of the belt but also through the weave and out the other side. All material trapped in the belt is blown through the weave, leaving the belt weave clean and free of material.