Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP)

Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP)

Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) is a climate change and adaptation consultancy that provides a broad range of climate-related services to its government and commercial clients. As the world of climate change matures, more and more businesses and governments are engaging in efforts to determine sound climate adaptation solutions. These solutions are becoming extremely complex as tough environmental standards are adopted, carbon is traded, and mitigation is attempted. Through our offices in the United Kingdom, Kenya, USA and joint ventures around the world, GCAP effectively delivers world-class knowledge-led consulting, training and capacity building, and online knowledge management services. We are working with partner organizations that are world leaders in climate change, sustainable development and large-scale donor programme management.

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Oxford Centre for Innovation (OCFI), New Road , Oxford , OX1 1BY OX1 1BY United Kingdom

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Consulting firm
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Air and Climate - Climate Change
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Globally (various continents)
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GCAP's Mission:
'To passionately provide our clients with expert insight into the effects of climate change on their citizens, on their environments, and on their businesses; and to assist our clients in taking proactive steps to develop sustainable and best-value adaptation solutions to their unique climate change challenges.'

The partnership represents a powerful new force in the field of climate adaptation providing a broad range of solutions based upon in-depth knowledge and vast quantities of climate data. GCAP is an international partnership of the world's leading climate experts that provide these solutions through an expanding network of offices which are located in regions where adaptation services are in most demand.

The Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) is an international company that develops robust, flexible solutions aligned with the unique institutional requirements of our clients, from national planning to local operations.

Our distinctive approach combines in-depth knowledge and access to vast amounts of data-from climate to vulnerability, impacts and adaptation options-with strong operational and planning insights.

GCAP provides climate-related services to both government and commercial clients in:

  • Consulting
  • Knowledge Management (aSpace)
  • Training (Adaptation Academy)

As the pace of climate change accelerates, businesses and governments are increasingly engaging in efforts to determine sound climate adaptation solutions. Our experts understand the uncertainties of climate change and can focus on the unique aspects of the target region, whether to provide relevant analysis of the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation, to develop an appropriate adaptation investment strategy, to build a customised adaptation knowledge tool, to train clients in best adaptation practices or to find other innovative adaptation solutions.

GCAP develops solutions through a growing network of offices and joint ventures located in regions where adaptation services are most in demand. We seek to build capacity and have an enduring effect in guiding clients to successful, sustainable action. We have full-time staff and an extensive network of trusted consultants who can effectively deliver your adaptation services.

“GCAP operates according to a private sector for-profit model in order to generate sustainable finance and create shared scalable values to achieve a public good.”

GCAP's basic business plan is to provide three types of intellectually superior climate services: climate change adaptation consulting, adaptation professional training and knowledge-led client services. GCAP focuses on creating practical solutions, which are Client driven and customised to meet the Clients' individual needs. There simply are no effective 'off the shelf solutions' that can be re-packaged.

Although the climate arena is competitive, GCAP believes its service offerings will be viewed as extremely Value Added. GCAP is well connected in the Adaptation field and continues to remain on the knowledge frontier, learning and improving its service offerings.

The Business Development model is two-fold and achieved through GCAP's vast network of experts, scientists, policy makers, project managers, technical specialists, consultants and researchers. First, it focuses on creating and expanding partnerships in order to develop substantial, long-term business opportunities. Second, it works to develop offices in the regions where adaptation services are most needed. By creating networks of partners and offices, GCAP enhances its ability to respond to an ever-changing field and effectively meet current and new demand. GCAP understands that adaptation solutions must be delivered through local engagements with international backstopping and is developing its capacity accordingly.


The earth’s climate is changing and will continue to change for decades regardless of any greenhouse gas emissions controls adopted in the future. As evidenced by countless global summits, research projects and consistently accurate forecasts of climate change, the world leaders all agree that climate change is real. The question is how should “human structures” respond.

Across the world, response is typically divided into two interlinked components: mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation describes the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise the changes ahead. It will influence all organisations and individuals through the consequences of international agreements, carbon taxes, carbon trading and changes in the regulatory framework. Adaptation, on the other hand, is used to describe the fact that further climate change is inevitable and mankind would do well to prepare now for the climate of the future.


In practice most organisations will be influenced by both the direct consequences of a changing climate (threats to water supply, supply chains and environmental deterioration as examples) and by the indirect consequences of mitigation agreements, regulations and social changes. A most visible issue surrounds carbon emissions standards and accordingly, GCAP, using its vast network, will develop strategic alliances with the world’s leading carbon experts. The challenge for organisations in both the public and private sectors is to make investment decisions that are robust to both kinds of future changes. Adaptation in its broadest sense is the primary focus of GCAP.

The recognised climate adaptation challenges support skyrocketing budgets of organizations worldwide. From the $1 billion currently available, a consensus forecast is $10 billion per year by 2015, and some experts believe the market will grow to $20 billion annually by 2020. The finances to support most climate adaptation projects at present are negotiated, controlled largely by politics. GCAP is well connected politically with all the major controlling organizations, including the Adaptation Fund Board, United Nations Convention on Climate Change Secretariat, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and many of the national governments who are building early adaptation programmes. As such, GCAP is entering the marketplace at the very “tip of the iceberg” and is well positioned to capitalise on its unique expertise and relationships.