Global Ecology Corporation (GEC)

Global Ecology Corporation (`GEC`) is a publicly traded company that is committed to the development, production and marketing of advanced technologies that address specific worldwide environmental challenges. GEC provides flexible and mobile water purification systems for use in areas where safe and clean drinking water is scarce or affected by natural disasters. These are the most cost effective, transportable; high-volume purified and scalable water production systems available in the market today. A single pod can meet the daily World Health Organization targeted desired water consummation needs of small towns and villages.

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96 Park Street , Montclair , NJ 07042 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)

Global Ecology Corporation ('GEC') is a fully reporting publicly-traded company that is committed to the development, production and marketing of advanced waste remediation technologies that address universal environmental issues. These issues include organic soil revitalization, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste remediation and point-of-use water purification solutions. GEC’s business strategy is to build shareholder value through the expansion of their current technology portfolio and the acquisition of related new technologies.

The Company’s mission is to purchase or jointly develop, proprietary and licensed technologies that focus on point-of-use water purification systems, mineral ionization formulas and organic soil amendment remediation solutions. These new technologies will meet the long and short term water and soil quality requirements of world markets for residential, commercial, industrial, and emergency applications.