Global Ecoprocess Services Oy (EPSE)

Global EcoProcess Services (EPSE) is a privately owned Finnish company established in 2012 and specializing in the treatment of industrial hazardous waste and mining waste waters. The product of EPSE is a patented new technology for treatment of waste containing soluble metals, which are the major environmental risk in mining and industrial waste treatment industries. EPSE technology is a unique solution for rendering the precipitated metals irreversibly insoluble and environmentally harmless and for extraction of the metals from the precipitate in a cost effective way. EPSE technology has been tested and verified by an ongoing commercial rollout project in the industrial hazardous waste treatment industry and by independent accredited laboratories and industrial pilot tests in the mining industry application.

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PL 37 / Elopellontie 1 G , Ylöjärvi , 33470 Finland

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Waste and Recycling - Hazardous Waste
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Globally (various continents)
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In practise, the EPSE technology turns hazardous waste into valuable raw material for extraction of metals.

Business challenges

Many industrial processes and especially mining are seen by many people as dirty, polluting, expensive, risky and as a source of environmental disasters. Today it is more and more difficult to open new mines for environmental reasons and social acceptance of mining is very low. However, our global welfare is based on availability of the critical metals and minerals.

The era of cheap mineral resources for industrial use is coming to an end: raw materials, water, air, biodiversity and terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems are all under pressure, e.g. due to industrial processes and mining. The only solution to this problem in the short term perspective is to minimize hazardous waste production and to re-use waste as a resource and raw material, thus minimizing environmental impact and enhancing social acceptability.

EPSE technology provides a unique one step process solution for both hazardous waste treatment and mining water treatment industries. Current technologies require the use of several technologies in many steps to achieve results which can easily be achieved in one simple step with EPSE technology. For example, in mine water treatment as well as in industrial waste water treatment EPSE technology offers a disruptive solution: from the current goal in existing mines and waste treatment plants to make waste water harmless with complicated very expensive technologies, equipment and processes to a goal where waste water is used as raw material for production of critical metals with a technically simple EPSE technology.

From the commercial perspective the EPSE method is also disruptive. Today, e.g. surface treatment industries are paying treatment plants between 500-1.000 €/m³ to take their hazardous waste and make it harmless. Preliminary calculations show that it would still be profitable for the treatment company to actually pay for the waste. For example, hazardous waste from electronic industry contains 1000 times more copper than in concentrated water in normal mining activity. In the mining industry EPSE technology offers a one step processing of hazardous waste with outstanding results, cost efficiency and purification and extraction of metals from the precipitate.

Above said applies to currently operating mines within the current mining paradigm. However, in the long run EPSE technology offers a paradigm shift in the mining industry by becoming a major production technology.

Our team

Ecoprocess Services was established in 2012. Company ownership is divided among team members:

Jouni Jääskeläinen, Chairman of the Board
Nearly 30 years of experience commercialization of innovations, sales and administration. Experience also in companies' reorganization and international business activities.

Lasse Musakka, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Lasse Musakka has a long experience of executive positions in major Finnish companies providing financial services. He has been a member of the executive team of Helsinki Stock Exchanges Group for seven years and also member of the Board of Stock Exchange and Central Securities Depository. He has over 20 years of experience at management level in various multinational companies, especially in the IT sector.

Vesa Rissanen, Chief Technical Officer
Decades of experience on pickling industry and on the several other metallurgical applications.

Felix Fondem, Director (International Operations)
25 year successful track record of performance in international business operations with multinational industry, engineering and construction companies. He has served in various leadership roles spanning over General Management, Global Sales and Marketing, Strategic Planning and Business Development.

Kari Laine, Technical Manager
Since 1994 entrepreneur of the mechanical engineering industry, delivering projects for power plants and process industries.

Leila Marjoniemi, Legal Counsel

REACHLaw Oy, Worldwide regulatory matters

  • presence on the local markets and competence in the local requirements
  • specialized competences in chemistry, eco‐toxicology, toxicology and testing
  • industry sector specific competencies