Global Environmental Marketing, LLC (G.E.M.)

Global Environmental Marketing, LLC (G.E.M.) was founded on May 1, 1999, by Mr. Alan Di Stefano, President, for the purpose of marketing and selling air pollution monitoring equipment. The equipment consists of instrumentation to measure gases and particulate matter in ambient air, stationary pollution sources and process gas streams. We currently sell to and have distributors in 15 countries in Asia and Latin America.

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P.O. Box 51960 , Sparks , Nevada 89435 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Global Environmental Marketing, LLC, is proud to introduce a new product for our company but one that has been proven to be effective for 30 years. For the first time we have added a non-instrument consumable product to our product line, a Combustion Catalyst from Nano Fossil Fuel Technology, LLC. This product makes any type of fuel burn more efficiently, meaning savings on the type of fuel being used (up to 30% in some cases), and well as a reduction in toxic air emissions of 25%-40%.

The applications for this product are almost limitless but the main uses are:

  • As a fuel additive for transportation and power generation applications for gasoline, diesel fuel or Bunker C fuel (for ships) to reduce the amount of fuel used while reducing air emissions at the same time.
  • In power generation applications, and also for use with heating oil and natural gas in asphalt plants, for more efficient burning.
  • For use with coal in coal-fired power plants, increasing the BTU efficiency of the coal and reducing emissions.
  • To clean out residue in oil storage tanks and reclaim the heavy fuel