Global Information, Inc. (GII)

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Global Information, Inc. is an information service company holding offices in 6 countries and have sales agency contracts with over 250 research companies around the world. We sell 30,000 market research reports published by these publishers and accept custom-made researches.

Mission Statement

Our company supports the decision making of customers, contributes to meaningful activation of each industry, and furthermore contributes to the development of a society by providing the optimum market information timely. Each employee has responsibility and takes pride, and creates a satisfactory working environment.

Global Information, Inc. is an information service company holding offices in 6 countries and have sales agency contracts with over 250 research companies around the world. We sell 30,000 market research reports published by these companies and accept custom-make researches.

We believe that we could support customers’ decision making by providing information, and make customer companies’ and also overall industry’s growth more efficient. If these industry profits would be reinvested market research, we could provide better market information.

Our mission is spreading this good circulation to each industry and region.


Market information

We provide market information needed by customers who considering future business deployment, as the most appropriate format such as research report, custom study and annual (information) service. To achieve this service, we cover 30,000 market research reports from over 250 well-selected research companies and publishers world wide.

Decision making based on information

Customers who obtained needed information could choice the best practice for their business. One type of annual services includes a menu that analyst makes a business plan with customer company.

Efficiency of growth

Efficiency of growth will be realized by carrying out decision making based on information repeatedly. As the number of customer company is increased, this efficiency of growth reaches overall industry and regions around the world.


Profit from company growth brought by the efficiency of growth is used for reinvestment, and will be returned to Global Information, Inc. and other suppliers. This make possible to provide more high-quality market information.

And, better circulation

Companies who obtained better information could make much better decision making and could continue their business expansion. That is, the relationship among customer companies, Global Information, Inc. and suppliers become very positive because we believe that this relationship will bring growth and that growth will bring another growth.


Global Information, Inc. currently partners with over 400 of the world's leading market research firms. Through these partnerships, We offers the variety of information solutions, including:

Market Research Reports

We carry primarily market research reports. Produced by our content provider partners, these reports cover all industries from Biometrics to organic food, fragrances to WiMAX. Industry specific and incorporating the latest information, each report makes an effective tool for business planning and strategic analysis.

Annual Information Services

Annual Information Services are service contracts and help keep our clients up-to-date with the information they need to make informed decisions regarding changing markets and industry trends on a regular basis. Typically including in-depth market research reports, monthly bulletins, relevant news updates, and market forecasts, Annual Information Services also incorporate direct analyst consulting time.


A wide range of available professional newsletters provide our customers with timely updates on new issues, revisions, and proven publications in their targeted areas of interest.

Custom Research

When existing market research studies, annual information services, or newsletters cannot fulfill a customer’s needs, we will process any supplied information and contact all appropriate research analysts. Once an analyst is chosen, we will serve as a go-between for the customer and analyst, ensuring the client receives the information they need in the time frame required.

Worldwide Locations

Through our worldwide offices in six countries, we can offer service without borders.




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Service provider

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Publishing / Media / Marketing

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Globally (various continents)

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