Global Pacific & Partners is a leading firm inside the world upstream industry, established for over three decades with unique track record. We operate a global suite of top-quality annual management events on Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast, Europe, and National Oil Companies, and provide high-level strategy research with seasoned advisory practice, allied to worldwide in-depth strategy briefings, international executive club networks, with online services, including daily oil and gas news for oil and gas executives on Six Continents.

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Nieuwe Uitleg 29 , The Hague , 2514 BR Netherlands

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Event organizer
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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Internationally (various countries)

The Senior Partners have long established and specialised track record in worldwide petroleum and energy. Chairman & CEO is Dr Duncan Clarke, and Group Managing Director is Babette van Gessel. Together they have on-ground business exposure in upstream oil and gas in over 110 countries on Six Continents.

Dr Duncan Clarke. With 30 years in global oil and gas, and Founder of Global Pacific & Partners as a leading private Advisory Group in worldwide petroleum, Duncan Clarke has acted as Advisor to numerous companies and Governments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast, Europe, North America. He is Author of foundation Research on the world industry from the 1980s, covering strategy, competitors, countries, National Oil Companies and on in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the MidEast. He is a Member of AAPG, Seapex, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, and other professional investment bodies. He conducts Strategy Briefings each year worldwide on the strategies of Governments, National Oil Companies and Corporate Oil in Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast, and Europe, these available online in our World Strategy Online. Duncan Clarke is Author of The Battle For Barrels: Peak Oil Myths & World Oil Futures (Profile Books, London, 2007) and Empires Of Oil: Corporate Oil In Barbarian Worlds (Profile Books, London, Sept 2007), and Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa's Oil Prize (Profile Books, Sept 2008). He graduated with Ph.D (Economics) from University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

Babette van Gessel. She has been active in global oil and gas for over 15 years, involved in the upstream on Six Continents, and has been an architect of Global Pacific & Partners worldwide senior management events (on Africa, Asia, Australasia, Latin America, MidEast, Europe, and United States, as well as National Oil Companies), numerous Government and State Oil Company Roadshows for acreage and asset marketing, PetroAfricanus, plus Corporate Client Relations for worldwide Sponsors and Exhibitors. She was Founder of the Global Petroleum & Energy Women's Club, and is a Member AIPN and a number of industry and professional organisations in oil and gas. She is a Graduate in Economics & Law, University of Witswatersrand.

Global Pacific & Partners (London, The Hague, Johannesburg, Nicosia) is a leading independent Advisory Group, privately-held, with a unique business model in worldwide petroleum, and active for over 30 years in the world oil and gas business. It provides a synergised set of competencies in global petroleum knowledge, strategy and networks dedicated to Client interests in international upstream oil and gas on all Continents.

In house Research has been the foundation of our Advisory Practice, and is based on 30 years of in-depth evaluations conducted on Corporate Players, National Oil Companies, Governments, the developing world (Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast-Central Asia), and key management strategy issues impacting the exploration industry business in world oil and gas, including path-breaking Reports published over many years on worldwide strategy.

The Group has a long-standing reputation in Advisory Practice on strategy in the global upstream, and is acknowledged for its concepts, depth and scope in customised work for a wide range of Companies, Governments and National Oil Companies. Long-term experience in corporate advice relates to investments, new ventures, commercial issues, managing risks, venture capture and new opportunities, global and regional strategies, overseas positioning, and management. Advisory Mandates are conducted by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO).

Advisory Mandates have been executed by Global Pacific & Partners on strategy and key issues for numerous international companies (Super-Majors& Independents), Governments and National Oil Companies (with Roadshows for Exploration Promotion), on issues including inter alia: Competitors, JV Strategy, Offshore Acreage, Portfolio Choice, National Oil Company Issues, International Growth Strategy, New Ventures, Risk Strategies, Acquisitions, Opportunity Selection, Oil & Energy Finance, Regional Assessments, Upstream Positioning, Privatisations, Asset Placement, Licensing Management, Corporate Diagnosis, Investment Criteria, Gas Strategies, Commercial Questions - plus a wide range of related matters.

Advisory Retainer relationships may be negotiated on a customised basis, and have been conducted for key Corporates & Governments during the last 20 years. Retainers may include full access to our World Strategy Online (which includes access to our annual suite of Strategy Briefings on Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast, National Oil Companies and World Oil Future). Retainers are negotiated to meet specific Client interests.