Global Technologies Group, Inc.

GLOBAL is a company that is in the business of acquiring exclusive licenses and distribution and reseller contracts on proven technologies in the environmental, green and war fighter industries. The criteria for the licensing or distribution agreements of the technologies are: they must be proven, validated and in use. The business plan of Global is to sub-license the technologies it acquires to companies in geographic regions covered under the original license grant and in exclusive distribution and reseller agreements, to place with appropriate representatives in the covered countries for resale of turn key projects.

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1304 N. Lakeshore Dr. , Sarasota , Florida 34231 USA

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Internationally (various countries)

To date, the company has purchased for Four Million dollars, the exclusive rights to the MBS technology and process for remeadiating soils containing heavy metals and rendering them non leachable instantly. It was tested by EPA and also Brook Haven National labs and met all requirements for use.

In additional technology licensing , we have concluded agreements for the exclusive purchasing,distribution and reseller rights for technologies developed by MSE Technology Applications MSE-TA.COM Listed on the MSE Summary Tab.The exclusive rights granted are for Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel as well as non exclusive rights to the entire member countries of the European Union and Canada, and

M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc M2POLYMER.COM
The company has also set up advantageous joint venture agreements with companies qualified in both large remediation projects, development and new technology applications.
M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc. Joint Venture
M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc., specializing in dewatering remediation using polymer technology.This joint venture covers the newly developed and validated process by MSE which combines M2 Polymer technology for dewatering heavy metals and the MBS technology which stops the leachability of the heavy metals in one combined application. Both technologies have been EPA approved and used on numerous projects.
Solucorp Industries Joint venture agreements
This agreement covers the new process developed by Global and M2 for dewatering and and heavy metals remediation using the MBS and M2 combined technologies developed specifically for a single combined application.

The second agreement covers all the uses for the MBS technologies not covered by the original license grant .

East Morgan Holdings, Inc. Joint Venture
This joint venture covers all the technologies that EMHI has acquired for multiple uses of the IFS technologies and we are currently working on a design system at the request of a well known cement plant for reducing the emissions of mercury out gassing from cement plants.

The company also has in place teaming agreements with Science and Technology Applications LLC. with expertise in providing cost effective technologies for health and environmental protection led by Dr. Dash Sayala.

Advanced Environmental Technologies is a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive environmental solutions. They are experts at environmental science and engineering with the ability to translate that experience into on-site construction and field logistics.
We are currently pursuing business opportunities throughout our covered countries in all fields, technology and remediation.