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  • Wastewater Treatment and Recycling

  • Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

    Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

    Aerobic treatment converts the organic pollutants (COD, BOD) in wastewater into a fair amount of excess sludge, and oxidizes the rest with oxygen (air) to carbon dioxide. This causes high operating costs for sludge treatment and disposal and for aeration, so that anaerobic treatment systems are normally to be preferred. The aerobic process however removes more pollution, so that it is always needed as a complementary polishing treatment, if...

  • Mechanical Wastewater Treatment

    Mechanical Wastewater Treatment

    Screening and sieving. Sedimentation, conventional and lamella separators. SUPERSEP: Compact lamella separator system, mainly for primary and intermediate settling. Flotation : static, air induced or dissolved air flotation (= DAF).

  • Physico-Chemical Wastewater Treatment

    Physico-Chemical Wastewater Treatment

    Coagulation-flocculation for precipitation and emulsion breaking. Chemical P-removal (incl. flocculation-filtration). Stripping (solvents, ammonia). Neutralization (caustic, lime, acids). Oxidation, reduction (cyanides, nitrites).

  • Tertiary Treatment And Recycling

    Tertiary Treatment And Recycling

    AQUACLEAR: Continuous Sand Filtration. Sand Filtration. Membrane Filtration (micro-ultra). Reverse Osmosis (demineralization, desalination). Neutralization. Softening (ion exchangers, decarbonation). Demineralization (ion exchangers). Stripping (CO2) and aeration. Iron- and manganese removal (chemical and biological oxidation). Activated Carbon absorption. Chemical oxidation (ozone, peroxides). Disinfection (chlorine, chlorine dioxide, UV).

  • Waste Air and Gas Treatment

    Waste Air and Gas Treatment

    Scrubbers (odour removal, chemicals removal). ODORIX: Waste gas treatment for odour removal using biological oxidation (Biofilter).