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  • Water Quality

    While we strive to provide complete, current, and accurate information at all times, for legal purposes we must note that the prices presented below and on our product pages are subject to change without notice. Prices listed are for United States and Canada only. Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.

  • ProLab - Model 1000 - Benchtop pH Meter

    ProLab - Model 1000 - Benchtop pH Meter

    The ProLab 1000 professional bench top pH meters were designed to perfectly match SI Analytics world class pH electrodes. With a measuring range from -2.000 to +20.000 pH and an accuracy of 0.003 pH the professional bench top pH meter is especially suited for demanding measurements in a research laboratory or process control lab.

  • Model Multi 3410 - Digital Multiparameter Meters

    Model Multi 3410 - Digital Multiparameter Meters

    The Digital Multiparameter meters are ideal for portable field measurements. You can choose between single, dual, or triple channel digital multiparameter meters. The multi channel digital multiparameter meters allow you to connect pH, dissolved oxygen, or conductivity electrodes to it in any combination, including multiple sensors of the same type. Each digital multiparameter meter has a field proven waterproof housing and a robust waterproof keypad...

  • Model WQ201 - pH Sensors

    Model WQ201 - pH Sensors

    Global Water's pH sensor is a rugged reliable water pH measuring device. The pH sensors are mounted on 25 ft of marine grade cable, with lengths up to 500 ft available upon request. The pH sensor output is 4-20 mA with a three wire configuration. The pH sensor's electronics are completely encapsulated in marine grade epoxy within a stainless steel housing (online version has 1 x 8 inch PVC pipe nipple, threaded both ends with cap). The pH sensors also...

  • Model 695pH - Industrial pH Transmitter

    Model 695pH - Industrial pH Transmitter

    The industrial pH transmitter is a 2-wire 4-20 mA pH transmitter enclosed in a sealed NEMA-4 enclosure. The industrial pH transmitter has an LCD screen powered by 11 to 80 VDC. The pH transmitter's span has selectable pH values from 1 to 14 pH units via an internal dip switch. The industrial pH transmitter uses BNC connections for the pH transmitter's pH probe and has tinned leads for a 3-K Balco ATC temperature probe or simulation resistor (3K...

  • Model PH100 - Handheld pH Meters

    Model PH100 - Handheld pH Meters

    The PH100 Handheld pH Meter features a unique flat surface electrode that provides fast and easy on the spot pH measurements of liquids, semi-solids, and solids. The design is rugged and designed for harsh environments, so you no longer have to worry about electrode breakage or clogged junctions. The handheld pH meters offer a RENEW indicator that tells you when it is time to replace the handheld pH meter's electrode. The handheld pH meter also...