Global Water Intelligence (GWI) is the unchallenged leader in high-value business information for the water industry. Its magazine is published monthly, in print and online, and is widely read by executives and managers at all levels. GWI also publishes four market intelligence reports each year, which provide in-depth data and understanding of specific water sector markets or regions of the world. Other online publications include the desal hub,, and, an online analysis tool. GWI organises the leading business conferences for the water industry in Spring (Europe) and Autumn (USA). It also runs GWI business seminars and bespoke consultancy projects. Today, the company employs around 40 people at its Oxford headquarters, and a further half dozen or so at various locations around the world.

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Suite C, Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road , Oxford , OX1 1XX United Kingdom

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Publishing company
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Water and Wastewater - Water Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)
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What we do
At Global Water Intelligence we aim to do two things for our readers:

  • tell you where your next dollar is coming from by tracking major water projects around the world from conception to contract award
  • discuss with you the emerging trends in the industry to help you formulate strategy in a rapidly changing world

It has made us the unchallenged leader in high-value business information for the water industry. It is a position we have achieved by following a few simple rules:

  • We talk to people: the internet has made a certain kind of information omnipresent: press releases and PR announcements are multiplied many thousands of times over, but what about events and opportunities that those involved would rather you didn't know about? What about the thoughts and responses of the people who are really in the know? That kind of information is exclusive, rare and valuable. It comes from a huge list of contacts, a big telephone bill, and an easy conversational manner.
  • We don’t give up: we spend most of our time at GWI not getting through to people. It is a busy world, and senior people are always on the move. Sometimes it might take 50 phone calls to reach the person with the details of a new project. We don’t give up. We make those 50 phone calls because if we don’t, we know that you will have to.
  • We believe in something: a magazine without values is a very dry thing. At GWI, we're passionate about the value of water. If we can establish the economic worth of water, then everything else will follow. We'll see investment in extending water services to the poor, and greater efforts to conserve water in those areas facing the crisis of scarcity.


We publish:

  • Global Water Intelligence magazine
  • Water Desalination Report newsletter
  • website
  • IDA Desalination Yearbook
  • In-depth market reports

We run two conferences each year, the Global Water Summit, and the American Water Summit. The annual Global Water Awards are presented at the Global Water Summit. For details on the latest water conferences, see GWI conferences.

Global Water Intelligence was launched in June 2000 by the CWC Group, with Peter Allison as editor. Initially it focused on the private water market, but Christopher Gasson’s Media Analytics Ltd. acquired it in September 2002, with just the editor transferring to the new owner. In 2003 GWI launched Desalination Tracker, which, together with our 2004 Desalination Markets report, transformed the fortunes of the company.
In 2005 Media Analytics acquired two related publications: the IDA Worldwide Desalting Plant Inventory, and Water Desalination Report. WDR was founded in 1965 by Dick Smith, and had a very established but irreverent position as the chronicle of the desalination industry. Dick Smith, who had edited the magazine single-handedly from a wheelchair following a car accident which left him partially paralysed, retired after the acquisition. Tom Pankratz took over the title.
The Inventory was also founded in 1965. It had been published in recent years by German desalination consultant Klaus Wangnick. Under Media Analytics’ ownership, the Inventory was recast as the IDA Desalination Yearbook and
Today, the company employs around 40 people at its Oxford headquarters, and a further half dozen or so at various locations around the world.

The Media Kit includes advertising information about all our publications - in print, online and in digital format:

  • Global Water Intelligence magazine, and associated digital email options
  • Water Leader magazine and
  • The IDA Yearbook,, the WDR report and associated digital email options
  •, UPWMicro and UPWPharma events and associated digital email options
  • The Global Water Summit and American Water Summit, and the Global Water Awards events

Why should you advertise with Global Water Intelligence?

Firstly – we’re not just a magazine
Within our walls, we produce: Global Water Intelligence magazine, Water Desalination Report, the IDA Desalination Yearbook,, the GWI Briefing, American Water Intelligence, the Global Water Summit and market intelligence reports such as Global Water Market. This gives you many options to target the right markets for your business needs.

We’re the leader in high-value business information for high-value clients
Almost all of our products are paid access, so we hold ourselves to a higher standard to ensure our clients come back for more. As a result, our readers comprise a unique, but important audience - they are knowledgeable about the water market, weary of general information, demanding only the most exclusive analysis, and willing to pay to get the best.

We talk to people
The internet has made a certain kind of information omnipresent: press releases and PR announcements, but what about opportunities that those involved would rather you didn’t know about? What about the thoughts of the people who are really in theknow? That kind of information is exclusive, rare and valuable – this is what separates GWI from the rest, which means that people read our content from cover to cover.

Diverse options for the diverse water market

The IDA Desalination Yearbook – published annually and provides a comprehensive round-up of the preceding 12 months in the world of desalination. The yearbook's reference directory gives the unique ability for customers of desalination services and equipment to compare the experience of potential partners in detail.

The Global Water Summit – remains unique in the international water sector for bringing together 500 the most prestigious delegates in the industry. Promoting your brand at our event is a chance to establish your company as an authority in its field.


Global Water Intelligence magazine – read by more than 13,000 water industry professionals, the magazine is our flagship publication and remains the most popular print advertising option


GWI Briefing – Headlines for the week’s most important water sector developments sent to all GWI subscribers and opt-in readers who signed up on
Water Desalination Report – Published since 1965, WDR is the weekly for desalination and advanced water treatment distributed to a subscriber only readership.

Daily – The primary website for Global Water Intelligence customers, with over 28,000 unique visitors each month. – has centralised desalination information to draw together a professional community.

Image is a business development database for the desalination sector incorporating the IDA Desalting Plants Inventory (formerly Wangnick).

The ultimate business development tool for desalination professionals: is changing the way the desalination industry works. An online database containing information on over 15,000 plants, it provides a network of related links between companies, projects, analysis and the latest news, making it the ultimate business tool for desalination professionals. If you’re looking to track the progress of a project, keep an eye on your competitors, or make predictions based on the general market conditions in a certain area, has already done the hard work for you. intelligently links technical project information with bidder history, constantly updated news, the contact details of the key people involved, market analysis, country profiles and the ability to extract and manipulate data to suit the needs of your business. also provides access to detailed strategic profiles of over 100 major desalination companies. key features include:


  • Company data
  • Interests
  • Strategy
  • Projects (reference list)
  • Key staff


  • Economic indicators
  • Desalination Sector structure
  • Demand and supply forecasts
  • Future plants and opportunities (with dynamic map)
  • Capital and EPC expenditure breakdowns


  • Project data (contract type, award date, output, cost etc.)
  • Schedule (significant project dates)
  • Technical data
  • Relevant companies
  • Location
  • Ability to generate and print graphs
  • Ability to track the status of new projects