Global Water Intelligence (GWI)

Global Water Intelligence (GWI)

Global Water Intelligence is the leading publisher and events organiser serving the international water industry. Over the last 15 years we have built our business around being a trusted interface between our clients and their markets, providing our customers with high-level intelligence that enables them to make the most informed strategic decisions for their business.

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Suite C, Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road , Oxford , OX1 1XX United Kingdom
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Publishing company
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Water and Wastewater - Water Science and Research
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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What We Do

Our products and services have been rigorously developed to cover all key segments of the international water sector, including desalination and reuse, finance, digital solutions, utilities and industrial water.

  • GWI Magazine: essential fuel for growth in the international water industry, covering competitive intelligence, regional and technology markets, smart water, finance and M&A, and projects.
  • GWI WaterData: GWI's market intelligence platform, offering the richest, most accurate and timely information service for validating strategy in the international water market.
  • Water Desalination Report, DesalData and the IDA Water Security Handbook: a weekly newsletter, a seminal database and an annual handbook giving comprehensive insight into desalination technologies, installed capacity and proposed projects around the world.
  • Strategic Partnerships: the Global Water Leaders Group, Leading Utilities of the World Network, Produced Water Society and Ultrapure Micro providing events and publications led-by advisory boards and technical committees comprised of experts in their respective markets.

Our Ethos
Our adherence to rigorous research has made us the unchallenged leader in high-value business information for the water industry. It is a position we have achieved by following a few simple rules:

We talk to people
The internet has made a certain kind of information omnipresent: press releases and PR announcements are multiplied many thousands of times over, but what about events and opportunities that those involved would rather you didn't know about? What about the thoughts and responses of the people who are really in the know? That kind of information is exclusive, rare and valuable. It comes from a huge list of contacts, a big telephone bill, and an easy conversational manner.

We never give up
We spend most of our time at GWI not getting through to people. It is a busy world, and senior people are always on the move. Sometimes it might take 50 phone calls to reach the person with the details of a new project. We don't give up. We make those 50 phone calls because if we don't, we know that you will have to.

We believe in something
A magazine without values is a very dry thing. At GWI, we're passionate about the value of water. If we can establish the economic worth of water, then everything else will follow. We'll see investment in extending water services to the poor, and greater efforts to conserve water in those areas facing the crisis of scarcity.

Our Events
Global Water Intelligence produces six annual events, delivering only the most highly relevant content and network of water sector influencers as a direct result of our unique global network and market leading insight. No other conference organiser can replicate the accurate, reliable and unbiased view of the global markets that GWI consistently delivers.

The Global Water Summit and the American Water Summit are the culmination of GWI's unmatched network and insight into the water sector. Focusing on the analysis and dissemination of the issues most critical for the industry, these events shape the direction of the global and North American markets, guided by the leading intelligence produced by GWI publications. Attracting a high- level delegation of key industry players, GWI events are widely respected within the water industry. The Global Water Awards are also presented as part of the Summit, acting as a benchmark for industry success.

GWI also partners with the Global Water Leaders Group and Leading Utilities of the World. These networks bring together the CEOs of top performing water utilities from around the world to share experience and celebrate their successes.

A number of highly specialised technical events have also been added to GWI's growing events business over the last 5 years, facilitated by recent partnerships with Ultrapure Micro and the Produced Water Society. Together with these organisations, GWI produces Produced Water Middle East, the Produced Water Society annual seminar, Produced Water Society Permian Basin, and Ultrapure Micro. These events bring together experts from the industrial water sector, including oil and gas and the microelectronics industry.

Our Team
Global Water Intelligence has a specialist team with backgrounds in journalism, finance, economics, water and technology who are extremely well-connected - and by extension our customers are connected to the most important influencers in the industry too. Our leadership and management teams are comprised of longstanding members of staff who have worked for Global Water Intelligence for a substantial part of their careers and they have been integral in building the business into what it is today.

We are a diverse team with a shared set of values: we are endlessly curious, we don’t give up, we care about the quality and reliability of our work, we strive for honesty and integrity, and we work brilliantly together.