For 2016, we’ve sharpened our scope, strengthened our leadership team, and doubled down on our commitment to doing more of what GLOBE does best: Catalyzing collaborations between “unusual suspects” both on and off the stage. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the GLOBE Series has taken place biennially since 1990 and is now the largest event of its kind in North America. The GLOBE Series is North America’s largest and longest-running international conference and exposition series dedicated to the business of the environment. For over 20 years, the world has gathered in Vancouver, Canada for three days of thought-leading, to see the most cutting-edge environmental innovations, and to participate in unparalleled global networking opportunities.

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What's New?

The Road From Paris: A raft of new GLOBE Series partners will help make sense of the post #COP21 reality. Welcome and high fives to the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the International Emissions Trading Association, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development—to name just a few.

Innovation Expo: Following feedback from our delegates, we’ve narrowed the scope of our exhibition to keep the focus squarely on clean technology solutions. Take a spin through our 250+ exhibitors and see the solutions economy in action.

GLOBE Week: The days on either side of the main leadership summit are now teeming with activities and special side events—think meetings, workshops, and roundtables. There’s simply no better time or place for your team to meet up.

More Fun: With big brands and whole economies committing and recommitting to bold action, there’s a lot to celebrate. We’re turning the fun up to 11 with live music, entertainment, adventures, day trips, cocktail shindigs, dinners, and more.

GLOBE MaX: We know your time in Vancouver is precious. Our dedicated smartphone app will help you identify and reach out to promising connections before, during, and after GLOBE 2016.

Bonus Material: Throughout the summit, market update sessions, sector updates and more will fill the Presentation Theatre in the Innovation Expo. These events are included in your Conference Delegate pass.

For the past 25 years, the GLOBE Series has served as the nexus for global networking and leadership on the business of the environment.

GLOBE 2016 Conference & Innovation Expo (GLOBE 2016), is the next GLOBE event within the iconic GLOBE Series, North America’s largest and longest-running Conference and Exposition series dedicated to business innovation for the planet. A world-leading sustainability GLOBE Conference coupled with an exciting GLOBE Innovation Exposition, GLOBE is about relationship building to fuel your business. It’s about thinking outside the box. It’s where leaders come to devise winning strategies to conserve resources, ignite innovation, and develop ideas and partnerships that help them be more resilient, more efficient, and reduce risk.

Taking place every two years in Vancouver, Canada, GLOBE draws the ‘best and brightest’ of the international sustainable business community, making it an unsurpassed forum for learning and networking.

With an exciting vibe and an international flair, GLOBE is not only the undisputed thought leader worldwide, it’s where future markets are shaped, and public policy is fostered. It’s where innovators come and launch new ideas. Where Corporate America finds solutions. It is where you can begin lasting, high quality relationships that will enhance your business long into the future.

For 2016, we’ve sharpened our scope, strengthened our leadership team, and doubled down on our commitment to doing more of what GLOBE does best: Catalyzing collaborations between “unusual suspects” both on and off the stage.

GLOBE Series is the official organizing body of the flagship GLOBE™ Series of Conferences & Expositions, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For the last 25 years, the GLOBE Series has been at the forefront of new ideas and vital insights on business and sustainability. We have helped corporations embed sustainability into their operations, influenced the global debate on climate change, and accelerated the market for clean technologies and services.

To share and explore how the world’s most successful organizations are leveraging sustainable business strategies to gain competitive advantage, create new business opportunities, and maximize performance.