GN Decanter Centrifuge Ltd

One-stop Decanter Centrifuge (Horizontal Centrifuge) and Cuttings Dryer (Vertical Centrifuge) to process drilling fluids/mud and other industial slurries to the highest environmental standards. Specializing in complete line equipment & shaker screens.International Brand for Mud Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management.

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No.3 Industry Road, Dachang Chaobai River Development Area, Langfang , Hebei , 065300 China

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)
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Hebei  GN Solids Control Co., Ltd  (FORMERLY KNOWN AS TANGSHAN GUANNENG MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD ). (Brand Name: GN Solids Control)Is a China  API & ISO Certified manufacturer  specializing  in complete line equipment & shaker screens for:

GN Solids Control is one of the most famous International Brand for Mud Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management.

  • GN is the First API certified solids control equipment manufacturer in China.
  • GN Facilities total area is over 70,000 ㎡ which is close to Beijing.
  • GN Products have been exported to 60 countries and regions.
  • GN Owns a specialized facility for making shaker screens in Asian largest wire mesh center city.
  • GN Owns international advanced patent 4th· generation BEM shaker.

Up to March,2012, GN· is the only China based API Certified manufacturer who provide Vertical Cutting Dryer for drilling waste management.

GN solids' products are commonly used for petroleum oil and gas exploration, trenchless construction, coal bed gas development, geothermal projects, geotechnical engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal, hydroelectric power, as well as other applications.

GN Main Equipment: Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner ,Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Cutting Dryer ,Agitator, Mixing Hopper, Flare Igniter, Various Tanks, Pumps, Degassers etc.

GN Manufacture all types of shale shaker screens in Asia largest wiremesh center city.

Company Vision: Create A World’s famous brand: GN Solids Control.