Gold Coast Water Company

Gold Coast Water Company

Gold Coast Water is an international company specialized in sea water desalinization and water purification technologies that Utilizes the World’s First fully Self-Contained Barge Mounted Desalination Plant. The new technology incorporates the floating desalination plant into our newly designed system which does not require electricity or fossil fuel to power the desalination plant. Our new technology was designed to use the natural forces found in nature. The introduction of the Nautilus One - Sea Water Desalinization System uses the physics of natural forces by concentrating those forces across a wider footprint resulting in the amplification of waves by a factor of two. This translates directly to the overall increase in efficiency of both kinetic and potential energy used to power our desalination systems.

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28202 Cabot Rd Ste 500, Suite 510 , Laguna Niguel , 92677 California, USA
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)

Advancing Sustainable Technology
The future of sustainability is of paramount importance while addressing global environmental and economic challenges. People all over the world have struggled for years trying to find a low cost environmentally friendly means of sea water desalination.

The new technology achieves this while simultaneously meeting stringent requirements for having low capital costs, being ecologically friendly and most importantly-sustainable. One of the hallmarks of this innovative new technology, is that it consumes no electricity or fossil fuels to power the desalination plant resulting in zero emissions.

The use of our new technology accounts for a nearly 52% percent reduction of daily operational costs. Current design builds produce between 100,000 to 100 million gallons of fresh water per day. An additional key feature is Zero-Discharge with Salt Recovery.

Systems are designed to operate onshore, near shore or off-shore. The off-shore systems are deployed beyond the 3-mile marker away from environmentally sensitive marine sanctuaries and designated shipping lanes. This approach has reduced the regulatory approval process dramatically. The operation of our systems is similar in nature to a modern cruise ship that desalinates sea water for its passengers while underway. Another benefit to companies and government entities are no longer saddled with crippling debt and high operational cost. Our on-demand systems can deliver fresh water anywhere in the world.

We think you will agree this is a remarkable achievement given the challenges that were overcome. We also believe that using this ground-breaking technology will forever make producing low cost fresh water a staple of our modern world. Please join us in our quest leading to a sustainable future.


The ramp exists to maximize the wave height

Wave Dynamics

The Wave focuser and Ramp extend into the ocean forces the incoming wave up abruptly doubling the amplitude of the wave

Angle and Degree

The angle and degree of the wave focuser and ramp configuration can be changed to induce an increase in wave amplitude

Wave Focuser

Takes a wider footprint and condenses it increasing optimal efficiency

Wave impact

Taking into account the combined forces producing a steady state

Kinetic Energy to Potential Energy

Surf Height,  Swell Direction, Tide are factors taken into account