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BioSep is a unique Pre-treatment technology that enables separation of Organic Material from plastics and other packaging materials in existing waste streams. The end product from this process is a virtually plastic free biomass suitable for anaerobic digestion for biogas production. Enormous volumes of food waste disappear untapped into landfills and or incineration world wide, causing huge negative impact on our environment. This regardless the fact, that food waste represents a substantial green energy source, if collected and handled correctly. In addition to CO2 neutral methane, digestate from anaerobe digestion, is classified as a first class biological fertilizer with, all vital, all natural, nutrients kept intact.

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Godbyvägen 2 , Mariehamn , AX 22100 Finland

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Globally (various continents)
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  • 2004 The BioSep technology idea born
  • 2006 Proof of Principle
  • 2006 Norsk Biogass AS founded June
  • 2007 Industrial Design
  • 2008 Proof of Concept
  • 2008 End of Development December
  • 2009 Patent granted December
  • 2010 Innovation of the Year Norway June
  • 2010 First commercial order June
  • 2010 Silver Award EEP December
  • 2011 Norsk Biogass / Ipeg Joint Venture Agreement May
  • 2011 BioPrePlant AB founded June
  • 2014 BioPrePlant AB discontinued
  • 2015 Norsk Biogass AS signs licensing agreement with Goodtech Environment AB

Products and Services

We support both private industries and public sector waste handling companies, supplying complete turnkey ready to use Pre Treatment installations directly or as a sub contractor.

Services shall include, however not be limited to, pre-studies, evaluations, engineering & design, installation, commissioning and parts and service.