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  • Gouda-Geo - Inclinometer Casing Tubes

    Gouda-Geo - Inclinometer Casing Tubes

    The inclinometer casing tubes are designed to accommodate all commercially available inclinometers. They provide access and precise orientation for both wheel-mounted and fixed inclinometers. They are primarily used to monitor the stability of embankments, dikes slopes, rock cuts, foundations, excavation walls, piles, coffer dams, slope areas, etc.

  • Gouda-Geo - Piezometer Standpipes

    Gouda-Geo - Piezometer Standpipes

    A piezometer standpipe is a tube with a perforated part, that is placed in the ground in order to determine the groundwater level (i.e. the freatic water table) or to monitor the quality and quantity of the groundwater. The perforated part of the piezometer standpipe is called the filter tube and is in general 1 or 2 meters long. The 'blind' or imperforated part of the piezometer standpipe is called the riser tube.