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  • Gradeall - Model G90 - Compactor

    Gradeall - Model G90 - Compactor

    The G90 Compactor is the most popular compactor in the Gradeall Range accounting for most static compactor sales, its popularity has allowed it to evolve into a very durable and adaptable piece of waste management machinery. Available in both standard version and also a special council version; with additional safety covers over the control panel and electronic keypad lock the G90 is the ideal compactor for most needs.

  • Gradeall - Model G120 - Largest Static Compactor

    Gradeall - Model G120 - Largest Static Compactor

    The G120 Compactor is the Largest Static compactor in the Gradeall Range, and is built to accommodate the needs of users who are compacting high volumes of waste material, and require a machine that can cope with such volumes safely and in a reliable manner.