Grain Wood A/S

Grain Wood A/S

Grain Wood A/S

We have over the years built a solid experience in handling and transport of bulk materials. We transport almost everything in our GRAIN transport systems. Be it; sawdust / chip from the wood and furniture industry, wood, plastic, paper, metal dust and biomass as litters, hay and insilager on biogas. We have more than 70 dealers, primarily in Scandinavia, Poland and Germany. Kontaks us and let us refer to your nearest dealer. The servicing of our customers are taken care of by well educated mechanical fitters who service and installs plants throughout Europe.

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Korsbakkevej 11 , Bjergby , DK-7950 Denmark
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GRAIN Wood has since 1989 served the grain and feed industry with everything from replacement of defective bearings, installing new production equipment to counselling and sales of new constructions.

We have evolved to be one of Denmark's leading, project companies where Danish common sense and engineering has paved the way to the manyfaceted enterprise we are today with many years experience in sales and installation of machinery and silos. Our office situated on Mors in northern Denmark is the breeding ground for development, sales and installation-All technical staff are specialists in their field. They are always ready to advise and guide.

The servicing of our customers are taken care of by well educated mechanical fitters who service and installs plants throughout Europe.
Our teams are continuously updated with the latest knowledge to ensure hands on and an excellent experience for our costumors.
We work fast and focused and use our experience to find the best solution.

Grain & Wood

It all began with the development of a conveyor which could work both horizontally as well as vertically. These experiences were successfully transferred to the furniture and woodworking industry. Today our first model 'Wood Systems 450' is installed all over in companies transporting wastewood from wood-chips, filter to waste-silos and directly to the incinerator-

Operating & environmental savings

GRAIN Wood products create such significant savings, that the profit instantaneously finances the investment.

Development facility

GRAIN Wood's specific skills has lead us to our involvement in development facilities were dry steam system is used as well as development of 2nd. generation bioethanol and gasification facilities. Here we utilise wasteproducts.