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Services by Hendrick Screen Company

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    When you buy screens from us, you also get our technical support and commitment to unparalleled quality and service. Our response time to your request for quotes and design assistance will always be the shortest. We use our state-of-the-art CAD system to design product that meet your specifications and you’ll see the plotted designs before your screens go into production. That way you are able to approve every step in the process of our...

  • Applications

  • Industrial and Filtration Service

    Industrial and Filtration Service

    Hendrick Sieve Screens recover usable products that might otherwise be discharged into sewer lines. It reduces solids and BOD levels from plant effluents, thereby minimizing surcharges imposed by municipalities for such discharge. Hendrick's Sieve also eliminates the need for high-cost, high-maintenance equipment, such as vibrating or rotary drums screens.

  • Mining Aggregate Service

    Mining Aggregate Service

    Hendrick Screen manufactures profile wire screens for the mining and mineral processing industry. Among these screens are sieve bends, flat panels, trommel screens, vibrator screens and centrifuge baskets.

  • Food Processing Service

    Food Processing Service

    It would not be unusual to find that the beverage you drink, the vegetables you eat, the cooking oil you use, or the meat you broil was delivered to your table through the help of one of our screens.

  • Petrochemical Service

    Petrochemical Service

    Hendrick Screen Company has been supplying quality screen products for decades to the petrochemical industry. Hendrick screens are used in many diverse applications such as media retention, hydro treating, de-sulfuring, sand filtering, and other adsorption processes. At Hendrick, we believe in going the extra mile to be absolutely certain our screens are the best they can be. Two of the factors involved in achieving the reputation we have are the...

  • Pulp and Paper Service

    Pulp and Paper Service

    We produce parts for both the OEM and replacement markets. Our screens provide for a greater throughput of material than conventional screening methods. This can generate increased output and profits.

  • Water Intake Service

    Water Intake Service

    Hendrick Screen has 40 years of experience and technical expertise in the production of stainless steel wedge wire and profile bar screens, and is a leading producer of passive water intake screens used for the withdrawal of larger volumes of water from streams, lakes and reservoirs.

  • Fish Diversion Service

    Fish Diversion Service

    Hendrick Screen Company has a long history of success in the production of screens used in fish protection/diversion projects and we continue to be a leader in this market.

Services by Enduro Composites

  • Field Services

  • Concrete Coatings Services

    Concrete Coatings Services

    Concrete coatings protect new concrete or repairs damaged concrete caused by leaks, spills, and other chemical related problems. Enduro supplies and installs reinforced and non-reinforced concrete toppings, coatings or linings. Our field services personnel provide site inspection and assessments to offer a solution for floors, walls, dikes, sumps, pits, drains, manholes, pump bases and more. We use premium grade resins geared specifically for your...

  • Safety Compliance Services

    Safety Compliance Services

    Enduro field service crews have a very impressive safety record, constantly striving to and succeeding in surpassing industry standards. We understand that safety is important to our customers so we make safety our number one priority. Our staff is highly trained and held to a specific set of standards through contractor safety council training and testing at each plant.

  • Solutions

  • Cable Management Solutions

    Cable Management Solutions

    Non-metallic cable tray provides superior protection in harsh environments where corrosion resistance and long life span are important factors.

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    Built from the ground up for the water treatment industry, Enduro water and wastewater products offer flexibility, strength, corrosion resistance, and affordability.

  • Custom Engineered Solutions

    Custom Engineered Solutions

    Enduro is a vertically integrated provider of turnkey solutions through our in-house design and engineering, quality testing, and manufacturing.

  • Fire Protection Solutions

    Fire Protection Solutions

    For fire protection requirements, Enduro provides a complete line of UL listed and FM approved electrical and building products.