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  • Hammermill Saturn - Industrial Shredders

    Granutech-Saturn Systems offers a complete line of industrial shredding equipment to handle virtually any recycling or waste reduction requirement. Available insingle, dual, and quad-shaft and now including our new Hammermill line, our Saturn series industrial shredders offer a wide array of features and configurations, with the high reliability and low maintenance your application requires to maximize production. Standard shredder models also feature electric drive, hydraulic, and our exclusiv

  • Saturn - Single Shaft Roto-Grind Shredder

    Saturn - Single Shaft Roto-Grind Shredder

    The most durable single-shaft shredder in the industry, only from Granutech-Saturn Systems, the Roto-Grind industrial shredder is ideal and widely used for various industrial applications. The latest technology is used for this Saturn Roto-Grind shredder and many model sizes are offered with horsepower ranging from 20 hp to 400 hp.

  • Saturn - Dual Shaft Shredder

    Saturn - Dual Shaft Shredder

    For over 40 years, Saturn dual-shaft shredders have been the market choice for recycling industries. These rugged industrial shredders can handle a wide variety of materials and are ideal for challenging applications that require a broad range of product output sizes. Now available with our exclusive, patent pending Hybrid-Drive mechanism, the product is even more flexible and bridges the gap between electrical and hydraulic designs (learn more). Our...

  • Saturn - Quad Shaft Shredder

    Saturn - Quad Shaft Shredder

    Granutech-Saturn Systems' designs extend to our unique rugged quad-shaft industrial shredders for applications that require uniform size reduction. Granutech’s quad-shaft Saturn shredders lead the market in performance, durability and reliability in evolving applications. Saturn industrial shredders can work with a broad range of materials and Granutech can also custom-design and configure a shredder that will meet your exact material and output...

  • Saturn - Hybrid-Drive Energy Efficient Shredder Technology

    Saturn - Hybrid-Drive Energy Efficient Shredder Technology

    Hybrid-Drive Option for Single, Dual, and Quad-Shaft Shredders. The best of electric and hydraulic drives in a single new design. Granutech’s patent-pending hybrid-drive system provides the best of both worlds, drawing the best benefits from both electric and hydraulic drive mechanisms, in a single “hybrid” design. This means that all Saturn-brand shredders are now available with optional hybrid-drive, exclusively from Granutech.