Grassland Environmental Inc.

Grassland Environmental Inc.

Grassland Environmental Inc. (GEI) has a head office located in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, offering environmental consulting and remediation services to the upstream oil and gas industry throughout West-central Saskatchewan and Alberta. Some of our services include environmental monitoring, pre-disturbance assessments on both private and crown land, spill response and remediation consulting services. Grassland Environmental Inc. is committed to safe, high-quality, timely project completion in all services we perform for our clients.

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813 - 9th Street West , Kindersley , Saskatchewan S0L 1S0 Canada

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)

Grassland Environmental Inc. is an environmental consulting firm based in Kindersley, Saskatchewan with offices in strategic locations throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Grassland Environmental Inc. has been providing environmental consulting services to the industry in western Canada for 10 years. We offer technical expertise in a range of environmental consulting services to solve our clients’ environmental and regulatory requirements.

Grassland Environmental Inc. strongly believes that the success of a project requires strong leadership, teamwork, innovation and a healthy partnership between the client and regulators.

Grassland Environmental Inc. offers qualified environmental professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including: environmental science, agriculture, land reclamation, plant ecology, soil science, and range management.  Grassland Environmental Inc. supports continuing education and is an active member of the Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Mangers Association, Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists, Alberta Institute of Agrology, and the Canadian Land Reclamation Association.

Health and Safety
Grassland Environmental Inc. is committed to the safety of its employees, subcontractors, and the general public. Our goal is an injury and accident free workplace at our offices and project sites. To create and maintain our health and safety program Grassland Environmental Inc. has a dedicated Senior Safety Supervisor. Training is provided to all employees internally and supported through certified safety training courses.

Our commitment to Health and Safety includes:

  • company specific safe work procedures and standard operating procedures;
  • comprehensive health and safety training;
  • internal and external auditing program; and,
  • proactive Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation.

To meet industry standards Grassland Environmental Inc. is registered with the Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) program and ISN Networld.

Environmental Responsibility
Grassland Environmental Inc. is committed to environmental responsibility by protecting natural, environmental, and social resources. We encourage all employees and subcontractors to be aware of environmental stewardship and take reasonable steps to reduce environmental incidents. To promote environmental responsibility, Grassland Environmental Inc. implements the following measures:

  • comply with all applicable regulatory requirements;
  • provide suitable equipment and take precautions to reduce discharge of harmful contaminants into the environment
  • protect sensitive habitats, environmental resources, and significant heritage sites; and,
  • identify, mitigate and report potential environmental risks and hazards.