Green Environmental Co., Ltd.

Green Environmental Co., Ltd.

Green Environmental Co., Ltd.

Greeen is a provider of separation equipment, decanter centrifuges and a designer of optimum solutions for separation tasks. GREEN is committed to the provision of professional, accurate and effective solutions for industry, energy industry, chemical industry, food industry, etc.

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18th floor, block 7, Moka. Shine City, No. 12, West Zhangba Rd., High-tech District , Xi’an , 710077 China
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Sludge Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Technological innovation, the core of professional, accurate and effective solutions
“Innovation, turning new technologies into productive forces” is the core competitiveness of GREEN. Over the years, GREEN has always been using 3-5% of its annual sales revenue as R&D expenditure and has built an advanced and professional R&D team that assumes the research on forward-looking technologies, core technologies and key technologies and the development of new products, which endows GREEN with strong technical competitive strength.

Skilled in Manufacturing, Strict in Quality
GREEN is an enterprise with strong shared values. GREEN has clear ideas about quality and will never compromise. GREEN equipment can endure a force more than 10000 times of gravitational acceleration. Some customers need to deal with substances with high corrosivity or explosivity. GREEN machines can endure for a long time- 24 hours a day and 7 days a week under extreme conditions. So, GREEN is a representative that is strict in quality and performance. No matter how other companies do, GREEN will always adhere to its principles and will consistently remember the principles of safety and quality.

Customized Solutions of Separation Technologies for Your Applications
GREEN provides services for various fields in industry, energy industry, chemical industry, food industry, etc. Our customers need to cope with all kinds of challenges every day. GREEN will deeply know real demands of customers and cooperate with customers in developing customized solutions, which brings remarkable value-added services. Aiming at applications, the systems run more smoothly and have higher performance.

Our capability based on years of accumulated experience

  • Decanter centrifuges is among the most complicated machines in solid/liquid separation.
  • Only a deep understanding of the mechanisms and comprehensive knowledge of processes can ensure the best separation results. More than 20 years, we served more and more customers, while we accumulated more and more considerable experience.

First class of manufacture facilities

  • Stands for the dynamic color, also for the youth. Green Environmental Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and youthful company.
  • We separate, and we want our living planet more green, more clear and more comfortable.
  • 'Green' is hoping to be forged to a big logo in environmental section.
  • For a better life, we strive to be the best!