Green Environmental Co., Ltd.

Green Environmental Co., Ltd.

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Green Environmental Co., Ltd. Services

  • Pre-Sales Services

    Pre-Sales Services

    GREEN accepts integrated business consultation from customers, provides technical guidance and support according to specific requirements of each customer, and formulates optimum solutions.

  • After-Sales Services

    After-Sales Services

    GREEN takes charge of installation guide, initiatively and regularly communicates with customers, knows service conditions of customers, feeds back customer information in a timely manner to relevant management departments and manufacturing enterprises for appropriate disposal, and provides field maintenance services.

  • General Consulting Services

    General Consulting Services

    Each single demand from the specific industry varies. Each process is individual and the influencing factors vary widely. As a result, an “off the peg” solution is usually impossible. So tell us your consideration and requirement, we offer you the best solution based on our technology and experience. Together, we find the best possible way to achieve the ideal overall process under the specified general conditions. We work out the...