Green Mile Co. (Masir Sabz Delta)

We are the professional designer and manufacturer of Refrigeration Packages, Chemical Injection Packages, Sprinkler Systems and similar on-skid packages. We are located in Shiraz, Iran. With a brilliant Reference List in different Refineries and Petrochemical companies in Iran, we have also registered in all main Iranian AVLs including POGC, NISOC, ICOFC, IOOC, NIOEC and PIDMCO. We have references in operation in both on-shore and off-shore plants. Also we are the first and only Iranian approved manufacturer for Ammonia Refrigeration Units with references under operation in south of Iran.

Company details

Zand Blvd. , Shiraz , Fars Iran

Locations Served

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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Internationally (various countries)