Greenhouse Gas Management Institute

Greenhouse Gas Management Institute

Our mission is to address climate change by training and developing a global community of experts with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring, accounting, auditing and managing greenhouse gas emissions; meeting the needs of governments, corporations and organizations large and small. We are working to professionalize carbon management, building the social infrastructure to ensure that market mechanisms and policy responses to climate change are effective and credible.

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Training provider
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Climate Change
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Globally (various continents)
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The success of any effort to address climate change relies on the availability of highly skilled and qualified professionals tasked with ensuring the reliability of emissions data for markets as well as other GHG mitigation policies. Just as engineering and financial accounting rely on certified professionals, there is a need for professionals charged with measuring, accounting, auditing, and managing GHG emissions with high levels of competency and ethical standards.

Recognizing the importance of competency and ethics, the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute was founded as a nonprofit organization in 2007 to train and support a global community of qualified professionals to work on GHG measurement, accounting, auditing and management.

We believe that the green jobs of the future include an army of skilled professionals tasked with ensuring the numbers supporting emissions trading markets and other GHG policies are reliable and transparent. We are preventing climate change policies and carbon markets from suffering the type of problems exhibited in financial markets.

The Institute offers rigorous training that meets the needs of both individuals and organizations working on all aspects of climate change. The Institute’s training courses are authored by leading experts in their fields. Using our interactive e-learning system and specialized onsite workshops, we are able to meet the training needs of both beginners and experienced professionals anywhere in the world.

The Institute’s membership program connects the largest global community of greenhouse gas and climate change experts in the world and is developing courses in multiple languages.

As a nonprofit U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization, financial aid and full scholarships are available to qualified applicants, especially from developing countries and those working for non-profit organizations.

The Institute’s founding sponsor is ClimateCHECK, whose world-class experts have dedicated themselves to building the Institute and supporting its mission.

The Institute is also a founding member of the Offset Quality Initiative.

GHGMI also offers an internship program for students looking to further their education in the GHG workplace.

In 2009, GHGMI released its first biennial report which details the progress we have made during The Institute’s first two years.

What Is Our Mission?

“Our mission is to address climate change by training and developing a global community of experts with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring, accounting, auditing and managing greenhouse gas emissions; meeting the needs of governments, corporations and organizations large and small.”

We are training tomorrow’s experts on the principles, concepts and techniques to manage and credibly account for GHG emissions. Our work involves training on the basics of GHG accounting, auditing and management, as well as certifying professionals who meet the highest standards of expertise and ethical conduct.

Addressing climate change will require fundamental societal, organizational and behavioral changes on a global scale. The GHG Management Institute’s contribution to this effort is through the professionalization of the field of GHG management and accounting. Professionalization occurs when an entire class of people make GHG management and accounting part of their professional identify. We believe this professionalization will be a powerful force to help us combat climate change.

We also believe that it is vital that the population of professionals with the expertise to address GHG emissions is globally widespread. Climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution. We offer financial assistance to other non-profits world-wide, to public agencies, and to small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. We welcome grants and contributions to further this mission and to sponsor scholarships. We are also collaborating with other organizations in various regions of the world to provide training in other languages and in ways that address local conditions.

The Institute offers online courses, which can be combined with face-to-face workshops for larger groups with specific needs. E-learning allows learners a higher quality training experience, access to the world’s top experts as instructors, and the flexibility to undergo training on your own time, without the cost, trouble, and GHG emissions associated with traveling to workshops.

What Is Our Vision?

As a consequence of the above, our Vision is to create:

“An ever-improving professional society composed of internationally recognized, highly competent and unquestionably ethical professionals that provide the foundation and leadership for greenhouse gas management globally.”

Along with our Professional Code of Conduct, as an organization we maintain the following values:

Honesty: Working honestly involves truth and transparency in all we do.

Integrity: Working with integrity involves treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Responsibility: Working responsibly includes serving others and our environment for good purposes.

Service: We value the people we serve and strive to ensure timeliness and fairness in our dealings with all our members and stakeholders.

Rigor: Within a new field such as greenhouse gas management, there is a significant risk that individuals will offer services without the necessary competence. We value educational and practical rigor, seeking to ensure that the professional community is equipped to deliver services at an ever-increasing level of quality.

Collaboration: One organization cannot ‘do it all’. We value working with others to create and share solutions for the betterment of the community at large.

Leadership: We are committed to providing principle-centered leadership to the community of greenhouse gas professionals.

Individual and organizational potential: We value the potential that exists within each individual and within each organization. As such, we commit to fostering the potential in others.

A leader in the greenhouse gas management industry, we were founded on the belief that addressing climate change, on a global scale, requires a fundamental change in the way governments, organizations and individuals manage and account for greenhouse gas emissions. The creation of our new Membership Program is the latest step towards fulfilling that mission.

Please take a minute and watch our video, as we personally invite you to join the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s Membership Program.

When you enroll, you will be joining thousands of other likeminded individuals and corporations, experts and beginners, all determined to make a contribution to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on our climate.

As a premium member of the GHGMI Membership program, you will:

  • Receive discounts on courses offered by the Institute
  • Participate in interactive webinars at no additional cost
  • Have exclusive access to our membership directory
  • Be able to network and grow your list of professional contacts
  • Enjoy access to an expansive collection of online resources
  • And Much More!


Interactive Webinars

We are excited to announce that in January of 2010, we will be launching a monthly webinar series. These online sessions will include discussions, briefings and lectures that will keep you on the forefront in the field. You will also get the opportunity to directly interact and share your comments with the presenter and other participants.


Course Discounts

Our training courses and certificate programs are extremely rigorous online classes that are taught by some of the most noteworthy GHG professionals in the world. From CEO’s of major climate change companies, to PhD Professors of prominent educational institutions, you can be sure that you will be receiving the best GHG education available anywhere in the world.


Online Networking Tools

You will gain exclusive access to a member-only, GHG professional website that will provide you with all of the networking tools to connect with practitioners from around the world. Think of this as your hub to the carbon world! You will receive instant access to thousands of other like-minded GHG professionals through our Member Directory. Learn about Conferences and Events coming to your area, or even around the world.


Career Center

With the need for GHG professionals growing exponentially, organizations around the world are searching for the best-trained and most highly competent practitioners. That is where we come in. We want to provide you with the most sought-after career opportunities in this emerging industry.