GreenLearning Canada Foundation

GreenLearning Canada Foundation

GreenLearning Canada Foundation is a leader in energy education. We provide teachers with a suite of FREE education programs and lesson plans that address energy-environment topics in a wide range of subjects from grades 4 through 12. Topics like climate change, oil sands, energy conservation and non-renewable and renewable energy are linked to provincial curriculum expectations. We have pioneered eLearning and online education resources in these areas. We provide training and support to teachers to effectively deliver our lesson plans and learning activities in their classrooms, year after year. To do this, we work closely with our extensive network of school boards, education partners and faculties of education.

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P.O. Box 7019 , Drayton Valley , AB T7A 1S3 Canada
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Our Vision
GreenLearning Canada envisions a generation of young Canadians who are empowered and inspired to create a sustainable and just world... and we’re making it happen.

Our team of dedicated professional educators believes in young people, their idealism and enthusiasm, and their ability to create positive change.

We recognize the critical role of teachers in preparing this next generation for the societal challenges of the 21st century. Our mission is to empower teachers with the education tools they need to help students understand complex energy issues and to engage them in concrete action for a sustainable future.

Our work is highly respected by educators, the energy industry and civil society organizations.

GreenLearning Students
Students who participate in GreenLearning programs develop a deeper understanding of energy in their lives. What is wind energy? What is solar energy? What about traditional sources of energy to transition to sustainable energy? What are the impacts? What is sustainable? What energy choices and options will form a sustainable future?

Our education programs, designed for primary and secondary education, stimulate students of all ages to think critically, assess options, make decisions, take positive action, and influence others. In short, GreenLearning inspires, engages and empowers today’s young people to lead our world to a sustainable future.


GreenLearning grew out of the education work of the Pembina Institute and from these roots, we inherited two key characteristics. In 1982, a sour-gas drilling accident in Alberta's Drayton Valley killed two men and endangered hundreds of people. In response, several people in the community banded together to get better educated on the issues and to push for solutions such as improvements in drilling technology and better monitoring. This small group of people went on to form the Institute and these two threads—education and solutions—continue to inform all we do at GreenLearning today.

In 2010, GreenLearning became an independent charitable organization, enabling us to assemble a Board and team of leading environmental educators to move GreenLearning forward.

At the core of our work is our staff of dedicated educators. We are passionate about the environment and sustainability, but we are even more passionate about education—education that challenges young people, education that does not push a particular point of view but is grounded in student inquiry and critical thinking, and education that informs, ignites and supports students to take on the world.

Our education team brings many years of experience and expertise to GreenLearning, much of this honed from standing in front of a group of students on Monday morning (or more likely, facilitating learning from the back of the class). We are spread across the country, working out of home offices. We balance our GreenLearning work with family, dogs and cats, friends, music, a good book and the outdoors.

We work with and for teachers.

Our 2006 retreat to design what came to be known as eCards, illustrates this approach. At this retreat, the assembled group of classroom teachers wanted to make sure the end-product was grounded in their practical day-to-day realities and so created a life-sized paper cut-out of a teacher—I think we creatively named her Ms Smith—she was unceremoniously taped to the wall BUT we addressed the design process to her and her Monday-morning realities and needs.

GreenLearning doesn’t patronize students—or their teachers—by offering superficial understandings or simple solutions. Our programs cover grades 4 through 12 and challenge students to develop a deeper understanding of complex and often contentious issues such as oil sands, wind farms and climate change.

We believe that corporations need to be part of the solution—many are and these are the ones we are proud to work with. Our programs take students “outside the classroom” to interact with stakeholders, to scrutinize their perspectives on topical energy-environment issues, and to examine the work of those who are driving change. We want to give students a voice that, in part, can help raise the bar of corporate social responsibility. As with all of our sponsors, from governments to corporations, we maintain editorial control over all of our programs and remain independent.