GreenStream Network Plc

GreenStream Network Plc

We are a leading Nordic company delivering efficiency projects in China, and providing carbon asset management and comprehensive services in climate and renewable energy markets. China is our key target area where we have a particular focus on energy efficiency investments. GreenStream is involved in more than 80 emission reduction projects across China and is in market- leading position in relation to the development of Chinese domestic emissions trading schemes. With offices in Helsinki, Beijing, Berlin and Kiev, we are ideally placed to operate in the interconnected world of climate markets. We were recently selected the Best Advisory/Consultancy in Chinese GHG markets and the Best Broker for Renewable Certificates - Europe, for the 10th consecutive years (2004-2013).

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Lapinlahdenkatu 3 , Helsinki , 00180 00180 Finland
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Globally (various continents)

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GreenStream Network Plc was founded in July 2001 in Helsinki, Finland by three climate enthusiastics from energy and environmental markets. As one of the first companies in the climate markets, it got a fast start. The company soon became the most successful intermediary in the green certificate, effectively green electricity, markets. Clients' demands grew and the intermediary was expanded into portfolio management. In 2006 the company started asset management business and reached success launching one energy fund and four carbon funds: Kyoto-period funds Fine Carbon Fund and Nordic Carbon Fund, and later two post-Kyoto funds Climate Opportunity Fund and Fine Post-2012 Carbon Fund.

GreenStream has been focusing on international markets from the day one. Since 2006 the role of China has steadily grown in GreenStream's business. Apart from China, the company has managed clean development mechanism (CDM) projects in Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, South Africa, Jordan and Latin America. Altogether, GreenStream has been involved in over 100 emissions reduction projects around the globe.

The key to GreenStream’s success has always been the capability of developing new, ground-breaking business concepts and implementing those – and in living up with its promises to the clients. This is a major achievement in the world’s most turbulent markets.

“GreenStream is determined to be a part of fighting against climate change”, says Dr. Jussi Nykänen, founding partner and CEO of the company.

We are a leading Nordic company focused on providing carbon asset management, comprehensive services in the climate and renewable energy markets and delivering energy efficiency projects in China. China is currently our key target area where we have a particular focus on energy efficiency investments.

Undoubtedly, the greatest assets are our China knowledge, networks and staff of 40 world-class experts. “Our markets are ever-changing and we always keep our eyes open for new opportunities. Innovation is our competitive edge. Our strength is in our capability to renew the business whenever needed, and this is made possible by our key resource: our visionary, highly talented staff. They are not just experts, they are much more!”

Our mission is to become, by the end of 2015, a major provider of energy management services in China and remain a leading developer of emission reduction projects in China and other targeted countries.

Our vision is a world in which climate change has been mitigated to a sustainable level through determined and co-operative action by responsible nations, businesses and people.