Gresham Gas Sampling

Gresham Gas Sampling

Gresham Gas Sampling manufacture portable gas sampling equipment for a wide range of environmental and industrial applications. Sampling equipment: The Gresham Portable Gas Sampling Equipment is ideal for collecting pressurised, (up to 14 bar), samples of gas or air for Laboratory analysis from Landfill Sites, Coal Mines or from wherever the composition of an atmosphere or gas needs checking.

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10 Doman Road, York Town Industrial Estate , Camberley , Surrey GU15 3DF United Kingdom

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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)

Gresham Gas Sampling Equipment

A wide range of on site instruments are available on the market for the detection and quantification of many of the gas components found on and near contaminated land and landfill sites. Serious site investigations should also require periodic verification of on site readings together with quantitative analysis of minor gas components and investigation of the origin of some of the bulk gasses, most commonly methane. This analysis is laboratory based and involves a variety of techniques from Gas Chromatography to Mass Spectrometry.

Gresham Gas Sampling Equipment
Gresham Gas Sampling Equipment

Gresham Gas Sampling Equipment is generally accepted as the most reliable and cost effective method of taking a gas sample for laboratory analysis from landfills, mines, flue discharges and a whole range of other sources.

Easy To Use
Gresham Gas Sampling Equipment

The popularity of the Gresham Gas sampling system is due to the ease with which a sample can be taken at the site and the convenience of transporting it to the laboratory for analysis. A sampling kit weighing only 5 kg and requiring no electrical supply is widely used for most applications. The compressed sample can be introduced from the cylinder into the analyser via a dosing valve or septum allowing a comprehensive analysis to be carried out from a single sample.

Gresham Gas Sampling Equipment

The cylinders used are extremely durable and are available in aluminium alloy and stainless steel. At the recommended pressure of 14 Bar the most popular 55ml cylinder will contain nearly 0.75l of sample gas at atmospheric pressure.

Gresham Gas Sampling Equipment

Based in Surrey for the last 40 years we have recently relocated from Woking to new facilities in Camberley and are now part of the Fox VPS Ltd group of companies.

Prototyping: If you have a bespoke gas sampling requirement then talk to us, we are happy to manufacture custom sampling equipment for a variety of applications such as long reach sampling, or custom volumetric measurements.