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Greyter System`s mission is to continue to be the leading provider of water recycling and reuse solutions. Greyter offers water recovery management systems designed to save our customers money by reducing their water and wastewater demands. Our line of greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting systems ensure trouble free operation, are cost effective and easy to install. We can help reduce your water expenses by 30 to 35% by capturing grey water and reusing it for toilet flushing, irrigation and other uses. Best of all, recycling water protects both the environment and your bottom line. So everybody wins.

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2345 Stanfield Rd. Ste. 300 , Mississauga , Ontario L4Y3Y3 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

Water usage increased 6 fold during the 20th century and forced many regions of the world, including many parts of North America to rethink how we use water. According to Low Impact Living, the United States uses an average of 345 billion gallons of fresh water each day – enough to cover the state of Rhode Island a foot deep in water. The increase in demand has created stresses on supply and distribution systems where 36 states expect to experience some degree of water shortage within the next five years (U.S. Geological Survey).

Using more than we need only enhances the problem. Thus, with the mounting pressures on fresh water resources and the costs of water continuing to rise, we need to ask questions relating to whether or not we are making water-efficient choices. One of these questions is simple, “why are we sending shower and bath grey water directly to the sewer drain and flushing our toilets with drinking water?” With Greyter Water Systems, you don’t have to.

A Greyter System’s smart water solution for greywater reuse, is a cost effective water system that recovers, treats and stores greywater and rainwater, so that is can be reused for such things as toilet flushing, irrigation and other purposes. Suitable for everything from large scale commercial building projects to smaller residential homes, Greyter’s water recovery and reuse solutions will save you money by reducing your water and wastewater demands by up to 35%.

Greyter Water Systems Inc. is a Toronto, Canada headquartered company that offers industry proven water recovery and reuse management solutions, which help to save money by reducing the water and wastewater demands of commercial and residential buildings.

By capturing greywater and other sources such as rainwater, Greyter System’s line of smart water solutions can supply all the water for a building’s toilet flushing, irrigation and other uses. The company is led by an experienced team with many years of experience in offering innovative water resource management solutions to the commercial/industrial and residential marketplace.

For The Greyter Good

At Greyter, we believe that reclaimed water is smart water. Our mission is to work hand in hand with builders, developers, engineers and architects along with regional municipal officials by providing smart water solutions that assist in the creation of water efficient communities (Sic.). Our goal is to help to decrease the burden on freshwater supply while reducing the strain on current waste water systems.

We do this by offering turnkey water management solutions, which have been customized on a per job basis to meet the water recycling needs of the widest range of customers.

Our current project partners include the US Army, US Air Force, Canadian National Defense, and the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Tested and approved by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the American National Standards Council and the Standards Council of Canada, Greyter technology has been installed in over a dozen countries worldwide with over 2000 systems sold.