Griffin Has provided service and equipment to the construction dewatering and groundwater pumping market since 1934. For over 75 years Griffin has gained the respect of our customers by applying all the right solutions to their groundwater problems on projects both large and small. The key to Griffin’s success has been the combination of engineering staff, field personnel and experience. The wide variety of dewatering and pumping problems encountered by its customers has provided Griffin an opportunity to develop the necessary equipment and experience to solve most water handling problems. Griffin continues to use our experience and operational knowledge to develop and produce to highest quality equipment to solve groundwater problems. Our standard equipment is used everyday in the field by our own team members and key customers. We offer products and turn key services to meet needs in dewatering, bypass, open pumping, and hydraulic submersible pump applications.

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Celebrating 75 Successful Years Of Putting Construction Projects On Solid Ground.

Griffin Dewatering was founded in the Bronx Borough of New York City in 1934 by the Griffin family. From its humble beginnings Griffin Dewatering has provided construction dewatering services and portable pump equipment.

Griffin Dewatering’s principal business operation is groundwater control in the construction market, which includes the supply, installation, operation, removal, and abandonment of the dewatering and/or pumping equipment necessary to make construction dewatering easier. These services include dewatering systems — wellpoint, deep well and eductor; subsurface barriers — biopolymer trenches and slurry walls; remediation systems — monitoring wells and vapor extraction; leachate and methane collection in landfills; and water pumping. Griffin Dewatering can also provide engineering and technical services, when requested to evaluate site conditions, and develop solutions for groundwater control projects.


Depending on the requirements and desires of its customer, Griffin Dewatering works as a partner, a provider of engineering solutions, a subcontractor or an equipment provider. We have a number of clients who utilize our services in one or more ways, and Griffin Dewatering is always looking for cost-effective and innovative methods to provide each client with the services he or she needs.



Experience — The engineers and field-personnel at Griffin Dewatering have accumulated a vast amount of experience at the numerous groundwater sites that they have worked on all over the world. This provides them with an extensive background and knowledge base for groundwater-based problem solving.

Flexibility — Griffin Dewatering’s extensive equipment array and innovative methods allows it to offer only the best solutions to fit its clients’ needs. Griffin Dewatering has many drill rigs placed strategically at its eight nationwide offices to solve any client’s needs, and, due to its mobilization capabilities, it can quickly move rigs and highly-trained crews to any job site. Griffin Dewatering is able to provide bucket, auger or rotary drilling methods. These rigs can be either two-wheel drive, rough terrain or track mounted, depending on site demands and conditions. Griffin also has an extensive inventory of trailer mounted drill rigs and drilling support equipment.


Established Reputation — With its long-term track record, Griffin Dewatering is one of the oldest and most recognized national groundwater contractors and pump providers Nationwide.

Field-Proven Equipment — All of the equipment owned and used by Griffin Dewatering is used and tested every day in demanding applications. This ensures that Griffin Dewatering can offer only the best and most suitable equipment to its clients.

One of the keys to Griffin Dewatering’s long-term success is the high level of team work between Griffin Dewatering’s engineers and its field personnel. Griffin Dewatering is, and has always been, very strongly field oriented and sensitive to the special needs of general contractors. This includes the need for timely response to bid schedules and subsequent performance of the work.


Additionally, Griffin Dewatering can be engaged to provide a turnkey contract, after undertaking engineering studies, on-site pump tests, and other necessary investigations it requires to adequately define the project. This allows Griffin Dewatering to be in total control of the layout, installation, operation, maintenance, removal and abandonment ot the designed construction dewatering systems. Because this total concept is a comprehensive approach, it may include an assurance of obtaining specific groundwater control results, depending upon the specific site conditions.

Griffin Dewatering’s technical, sales and field personnel are dedicated to a philosophy of serving the company’s customers by providing the most effective techniques to control groundwater on time and on budget. Griffin Dewatering also offers services in the form of rental or sale of equipment. When providing the necessary equipment from its extensive inventory, Griffin Dewatering can also assign a field supervisor to advise contractors regarding proper installation and operation of the equipment. Further distinguishing Griffin Dewatering from its competitors, its field supervisors and maintenance specialists, when requested, can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist in any operational problems.

Art C. Little, Senior Estimator for Ron Williams Construction Company, Inc., has worked with Griffin Dewatering on two projects. Little says, “Griffin [Dewatering] performs work in a very safe and professional manner with qualified personnel in a very economical manner.” In fact, Griffin Dewatering was so crucial to the outcome of the projects, that “without [its] expertise and support, the projects would not have been a success for all of the parties that were involved,” says Little.


The same sentiment is echoed by Aaron Buttress, Project Manager for Current Builders. The equipment and services provided by Griffin Dewatering were “essential to [Current Builder’s] ability to perform foundation work,” Buttress says.

“Griffin, as usual, did an excellent job providing the right equipment and maintaining it through the dewatering period,” says Frank Weber, Project Manager for CDC Building, Inc. “We kicked up dust during the entire process of building the foundations and basement, all of which were below NGVD [National Geodetic Vertical Datum].”

Kris Cook, Project Manager for Envirocon, Inc., solicited a bid from Griffin Dewatering. “We were impressed with [its] innovative approach and willingness to help,” states Cook. “[Griffin Dewatering] helped us to develop an approach to dewatering a difficult project.”

The equipment, services, support and technical knowledge provided by Griffin Dewatering are extremely valuable to its clients. In fact, Alejandro Leon, Project Master for Baker Concrete, is quick to point out, after only using Griffin Dewatering on two projects, that Griffin is “critical and crucial to [Baker’s] production.”

Griffin Dewatering Corporation has made a name for itself in the competitive construction market, by offering top-notch service and equipment that is both specialized and tailor-fit to the needs of its clients. It ensures that its clients derive maximum value and benefit from its assistance and support to assure a successful conclusion to any project.

Building on Grass-roots experience with 21st century "Green" Dewatering Solutions.


Griffin Dewatering Career Opportunities

Griffin Pump & Equipment, Inc.

  • Plant Manager - Hands on MFG Plant Manager with 3-5 years of production/P&L
  • Floor Supervisor - with 3-5 years in pump MRG. Self-Motivated and a Team Player.
  • Entry Level Sales person - we are willing to train the right individual who is dependable, self-motivated and willing to be on the road.
  • We have immediate openings for Full-time welders/fabricators/assembly/pump mechanics.
  • We have immediate openings in our Rental Division a full-time Service Manager/Mechanic/Serviceman

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Griffin's Construction Dewatering Division

  • We have immediate openings for Project Manager, Field Supervisor, Driller, Operator, and Construction Skilled Labor.

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Career Opportunities in New Jersey

  • We have immediate openings for Construction Dewatering Projects Manager, Sales, Project Supervisor, and Technician.

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Career Opportunities in Southern California

We have immediate openings in our Ontario office in Southern California

  • Team Coordinator with 3-5 years in Construction Market with sales/P&L responsibility.
  • Project Manager and Sales, the right individual who is Hands on, we are willing to train.

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Career Opportunities in Chesapeake, VA

  • Driller, Operator, Construction Crew Foreman.
  • Project Manager/Sales in Construction Dewatering.
  • Pump Sales/Rental with 3-5 years in pump sales and rental and willing to travel.

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Career Opportunities in Hammond, IN

  • Project Manager/Sales/Superintendent in Construction Dewatering, willing to travel.
  • Pump Sales/Rental with 3-5 years in pump sales and rental.

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