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Griffith Elder & Company Ltd

We are designers and manufacturers of rugged accurate weighing systems for heavy industrial use. We are able to provide a solution which will suit many weighing requirements over a wide range of industries. We make it easy for you and your company as we deliver to anywhere in the world! Griffith Elder are leaders in agricultural weighing innovation, with specialised equipment for farmers. Including: Portable Weigh-beams for tractor-trailers; On-board weighing for any trailer; dynamic combine/auger scales; specialist storage and bio-gas software.

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1 Oaklands Park, , Bury St Edmunds , Suffolk IP33 2RW United Kingdom

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Griffith Elder & Co Ltd, based in Suffolk, England, is a designer and manufacturer of electronic weighing equipment. The company was founded by David Elder in 1981 and has expanded over the years from small beginnings to providing an extensive product list, exporting worldwide to over 80 countries. The success of the company lies in its ability to design and produce customised, long-lasting, low maintenance weighing machines.

Although initial purchase prices can be slightly more than similar looking competitors’ goods, the value for money in Griffith Elder’s products comes from quality equipment with a very long service life. Servicing and spare parts are very rarely needed. This gives the company an edge especially when weighbridges and electronic scales are shipped overseas where maintenance is not easily or routinely carried out.

The Beginnings
Griffith Elder’s first product was the Yield-Per-Field™, an invention which monitored the weight of grain dispensed from a combine harvester. This gave arable farmers previously unavailable management information - vital for profitability in a market where prices were being squeezed at a time when less efficient farmers were going out of business.

It was quickly recognised that weighing in many industrial areas was essential. Weighing has become a necessity to stop theft and to help management become more precise. Griffith Elder has developed a range of products to give information that is crucial in the efficient running of a business, suitable over a variety of industries and purposes. In recent years an emphasis has also been on developing software control systems, designed by Griffith Elder’s own in-house software development team.

Griffith Elder Today
In 1983 the company introduced the Ton-Tel™ electronic weighbridge designed for agricultural use, able to weigh all produce on and off the farm. The Royal Agricultural Society of England awarded the product a Silver Medal for its value to the farming industry. It was at this point that Griffith Elder found a niche in weighing hauliers’ vehicles for overloaded axles, and this first weighbridge product led the way for a whole range of Ton-Tel™ weighbridges to be designed. Products now range from very small simple units through to large truck scales capable of taking 200 tonnes coupled with sophisticated computer programs to log and report weighing activity. The Ton-Tel™ weighbridges continue to be rapidly taken up by industrial customers because of their robust design and long warranty that has become Griffith Elder’s hallmark of quality.

Over 40 percent of Griffith Elder’s business is from overseas trade which includes the capability to undertake special projects for particular customers and to be able to modify standard products to suit particular market needs.

Griffith Elder: The Future
Over the last five years Griffith Elder has been developing new technology to design a new range of weighing products with the assistance of a SMART award from the British government. This innovative new product range is putting Griffith Elder into the forefront of weighing systems available to industries across the world.

The sophisticated new technology takes the leading edge in electronic design, creating more accurate highly efficient and internet ready weighing systems which are becoming the mainstay of Griffith Elder’s product range. Emphasis is put on the ability to connect weight sensors directly into a computer network, without the cumbersome traditional need for secondary electronic processing between them. These new advancements provide a solution to the problems of inaccurate or illicit weights being recorded by unscrupulous operators, while offering accurate equipment to suit a range of weighing requirements.

Griffith Elder is now a leader in the field of weighing technology, with digital weight sensors and a secure communication system now in production. We at Griffith Elder pride ourselves in setting the standard by which other weighing machines will be judged, and we stand poised eager to supply the answers to all of your industrial weighing problems.