Group Maio

Group Maio

The Group Maio been operating for over 25 years in the field of environmental protection through the integrated management of the treatment and disposal of special waste. The Management Centre is located in Lanciano, Abruzzo. The huge resources invested in education and technological development have led to a steady growth. In addition, the introduction of management processes marked by the most careful prevention and more rigorous control on the areas of activity that have potential impacts on the environment provide the total eco-sustainability of the Group Companies.

Company details

Zona Industriale, 8 , Lanciano , Chieti 66034 Italy

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our know-how: management of the complete cycle waste, design, construction and operation of landfills; collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of medical waste by incineration or steam sterilization wet; brokerage, environmental remediation, recovery of energy from renewable sources. The main Group companies are :

  • MAIO WILLIAM Ltd. - Collection and disposal of hazardous waste, especially hospital
  • BLEU Ltd. - Design, construction and operation of landfills and related treatment systems
  • THU srl - Technical and administrative services for business
  • BREMEN ENVIRONMENT (limited liability company law Albanian) - is in the process of implementation, in the district of Durres, an industrial plant for the integrated management of ferrous and non-ferrous secondary energy basin.
  • SS Virtus Lanciano 1924 srl ( ) - Company professional football (currently plays in Serie B)

Our mission ... Goat on the trails of

the Environment We did not but a means to an end.
Let the quality of life of our company, our customers, the entire community, a value of absolute non-negotiable.
Today more than yesterday, tomorrow better than today .

'... The survival of humanity will depend on our ability to understand the principles of ecology and to live by them. This is an enterprise that transcends all our differences of race, culture or class ... '
'... The great challenge of our time is to create and keep alive sustainable communities, or social, cultural and physical in which we can satisfy our needs and our aspirations without harming future generations ... '
'... The main task in the coming years will be to apply our ecological awareness and systems thinking to the radical redesign of technologies and social institutions ...'

The Group has implemented MAIO, for all its business activities, a Management System for Quality and Environment that allows you to have a unique and integrated vision of the objectives and desired outcomes, facilitating the planning, allocation of resources, the detection of complementary objectives and the evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the organization. System (EMS) aims to:

  • demonstrate the ability to consistently provide services that comply with the requirements of the customer
  • maintain high environmental performance
  • comply with all applicable legal requirements
  • increase customer satisfaction and environmental performance through the effective application of the system, the process of continual improvement and the assurance of conformity to the requirements specified

The system requires the preparation of an initial environmental review (AAI), aimed to assess the relationship between the past activities, present and future and the reality of environmental and land area. analysis determines an organic systematization of data, resulting in preparation for the identification and assessment of environmental aspects, namely of activities that may give rise to environmental impacts.

Evaluation of environmental aspects, aimed to select the same according to their significance, takes into account several criteria, including the relevance of potential associated environmental impacts, the sensitivity of the local communities and so on.
aspects identified as significant determining the adoption of documented procedures for managing the maintenance of operational control over the business, improvement plans and monitoring procedures.

MAIO The Group determines the their general strategies through the development of a corporate environmental policies that set out their objectives and improvement programs that are kept updated in line with the assessment of the environmental aspects and the environmental policy itself.

MAIO The Group has established appropriate procedures to identify the needs regulatory compliance and to maintain compliance with the legal requirements of an environmental nature. references applicable environmental legal and related requirements for the organization are constantly monitored and updated, as well as environmental permits with the relevant requirements.

In implementing its own system Environmental Management have been defined roles and responsibilities of the various business functions by establishing environmental expertise needed for the staff to carry out the various activities.

Depending on their respective responsibilities, is defined as the periodic training plan that aims to train and inform all the functions involved in environmental management and ensure the proper implementation of activities that may result in impacts on the environment and / or a thorough knowledge of the plans. Needs training can also lead to: changes in procedures and / or instructions of business operational needs adaptations to the requirements of the law required training or training on the part of the employee or the head of department noncompliance or corrective action hiring new staff. Training activities include: simulation of environmental emergencies (emergency management and recovery standards) proper use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) management procedures for the acceptance of waste and document control procedures for management of the course for the application of the rules of first aid simulations of environmental emergencies, etc..

The whole system is conveyed through the preparation and dissemination of documentation:

  • Manual of Environmental Management (Quality and Environment) which provide a general description of the elements related to the Quality Management System and Environment Group
  • Procedures / Operating Instructions that provide operational control, describing how the activities of quality management / environment should be conducted
  • List of applicable law;
  • Rating legislative compliance
  • Systems monitoring and measurement
  • System auditing and management review; Companies sonosoggette programs to periodic internal audits, audits that seek to provide the Directorate a report on the following aspects of the EMS. The Management performs regular reviews of the annual Environmental Management System to verify the adequacy and efficiency, as well as the degree of implementation of the policy and objectives. If necessary, the Department makes appropriate modifications aimed at continuous improvement of environmental management.

Are periodically carried out a review of the system and consistency with the pursuit of environmental objectives and the Operative Control on the correct application of the operating instructions.