Guided Wave, Inc.

Guided Wave, Inc.

Guided Wave, Inc. is a process analyzer systems manufacturer utilizing spectroscopy (NIR, UV, Vis), based in northern California with technical sales and support offices worldwide. We are an experienced company of engineers, spectroscopists, chemists, chemometricians, and highly skilled technicians who innovate, design, manufacture, and deliver on-line process monitoring solutions to several industries around the world.

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3033 Gold Canal Drive , Rancho Cordova , 95670 California USA
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Guided Wave specializes in on-line optical measurements for process analytical chemistry. We design complete NIR and UV/VIS instrument systems and sample conditioning systems that are used continuously, on-line, in real-time under the rigors of the manufacturing plant environment.

In 1983, GWI was recognized as an industry leader when it delivered the first fiber optic-based NIR analyzers. Today GWI is the only process NIR vendor that provides a complete optically matched system, yielding the best throughput efficiency, leading to long-term performance that meets industry requirements and expectations.

Guided Wave Inc is a subsidiary of Advanced Holdings Ltd (“Advanced”). Advanced was started in 1993 to create a niche business by combining its engineering expertise in the supply of process technologies and equipment. SESDAQ-listed Advanced has today established itself as an ISO9001:2008 certified specialist company which designs, licenses and supplies proprietary process equipment and process technologies to cater to the different needs of its customers in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation and micro-electronics industries. The Advanced Group has offices and presence worldwide to serve the needs of its global customers.

Advanced's 4-pronged Corporate Strategies drives its corporate initiatives and business activities; namely –

  • Organic Growth
  • Strategic Technologies and Products
  • Capabilities Investment
  • Strategic Investments

In summary, Advanced continues to pursue larger markets and extending its geographical footprint, broadens its businesses segments and enhances its competitive strengths through strategic partnerships, ventures and investments and human capabilities initiatives.


Receive the maximum value for your financial investment. Our accurate technology, product reliability, and process stability, partnered with expert technical resources and support are why companies have been choosing Guided Wave for over 27 years.

Beyond selling durable and reliable spectroscopic equipment, GWI partners with you to solve your real-time information needs with individual solutions, specifically tailored for your unique applications. Guided Wave saves you both time and money. To ensure your installation is a success we guide you through your on-line process application assessment, analyzer selection, calibration development, training and after-installation support.

  • Over 600 systems installed worldwide.
  • Over 27 years of on-line process experience.
  • Complete systems - analyzers, probes and fibers.
  • Worldwide technical support.
  • First in remote NIR process analysis.
  • Only NIR manufacturer who provides a complete optically matched system. This yields the best throughput efficiency, leading to long-term performance at the highest industry standard.
  • Best-multiplexed spectrophotometric analyzers in terms of signal to noise ratio, providing more robust calibration and less maintenance.
  • Two-year warranty on all products.

  • Quickly assess feasibility, based upon our extensive on-line experience or from an analysis of a representative set of your samples using complete UV/VIS or NIR spectral analysis.
  • Decide on the process analyzer technology needed to solve the problem – multiple wavelength photometers or full range spectrometers.
  • Refine the analyzer selection based upon the expected variability of your sample matrix and the number of sample points you need to monitor.
  • Further guide the selection based upon your on-line experience in calibrating and maintaining process analyzers.
  • Assist you in determining the type of sample interface with a probe that is best suited for your process environment, such as flow probes for slip streams or insertion probes for large pipes or reactor vessels.
  • Test to ensure that all the parts integrate together and work properly prior to shipping.

GWI collaborates with each customer to develop individualized solutions, from complete analyzer to interface systems, specifically tailored for each unique application.

Guided Wave’s extensive experience with process analyzer systems allows us to work with you to determine the best solution for your testing needs. We quickly assess feasibility based on our extensive experience and/or sample spectra from your process and determine which spectral analysis is best for your application (NIR/UV/VIS).

We work with you to choose the spectrometer or photometer package that works best for your budget and analysis needs, taking into account the number of sample points, the components being measured and their relative concentrations, the safety of your employees and the integrity of your manufacturing process. Our customized probes allow you to choose a measurement system best suited for your process environment, such as flow cell for slip streams or insertion probes for large pipes or reactor vessels.

Since we manufacture and test the entire integrated analyzer system you can be sure that you are receiving an optimized system that requires minimal upkeep or maintenance. We also provide installation assistance, training and after-installation support. Our commitment to the integrity of your process coupled with the quality of our analyzer systems is why our clients trust us with their most critical products.

  • GWI is the one stop shop for hardware. We are in full design control of the analytical system and are not dependent on other integrators. Because we build all of the analyzer components ourselves, we can ensure accuracy, safety and reliability.
  • GWI produces the best-multiplexed spectrophotometric analyzers in terms of signal to noise, providing more robust calibrations and less maintenance.
  • Our robust sampling interfaces are reliable in harsh, challenging conditions.
  • Our probes, flow cells and fiber optics are engineered to optimize total analyzer performance, giving you more control.
  • Our systems are easy to install and service.

Choose GWI for our RELIABILITY ... Our field-proven, rugged instruments provide process control, worker safety, reliable data, and reduced sample handling with low maintenance and reduced cost of ownership.

NIR Benefits

Traditionally, spectroscopists have used IR or UV/VIS for testing the chemical composition of a variety of material, considering NIR to be a less useful portion of the spectrum. The broad, overlapping peaks in NIR make it more difficult to determine chemical components the way IR does. So why use NIR?

With the advent of brighter light sources and more sensitive detectors in the 1980’s, the benefits of NIR became more apparent. Spectral peaks can now be more accurately measured, resulting in usable data for spectral analysis. NIR optical paths are much larger than those for IR, which allows for probe cleaning and servicing. This technology improvement spurred the commercial production of spectrometers in the 1980’s.

The key benefits of a spectrometer include the ability to quickly and accurately measure samples while keeping the main analyzer away from any potentially dangerous processes. Fiber cables from the probes to the analyzer make this possible, but also introduce potential error sources for light measurement. Because the light must travel from the spectrometer to the optical probe and then back to the spectrometer for analysis, it is especially important that all the components in the analyzer system be tuned to work efficiently with each other. At Guided Wave all fiber cables, spectrometers, photometers and optical probes are all tested to ensure optimal transmission and compatibility. The improved transmission causes the NIR peaks to be more accurate and thus more accurately analyzed.

More advanced mathematics analysis techniques must be employed for NIR spectral data than for IR analysis. Multiple linear regressions (MLRs) and partial least squared regressions (PLRs) are used to analyze spectral peaks and glean useful data. Guided Wave offers software to help with the analysis process, and will work with you to calibrate and maintain your analyzer system.

While the subtlety of NIR peaks makes analysis slightly more complicated, the ability to have near-instantaneous results reduces reworking costs and improves product quality and process efficiency. The larger probe pathlengths allow the probes to be serviced and cleaned easily, and the analyzer can be placed further from the process due to excellent fiber cable transmission. For specific applications, less expensive photometer packages are useful and cost 25-50% less than a spectrometer system. Our optimized Guided Wave analyzer system and advanced mathematical analysis techniques make NIR a practical tool for your data analysis needs.

Near-infrared spectroscopy can provide fast, accurate results for your process without the high maintenance costs or the extensive upkeep considerations associated with gas chromatography. We use our optical technology to bring light to the sample, eliminating the costly sample systems and fast loops needed for process gas chromatography while providing faster results to you.

GC analysis costs approximately $35,000 per year in maintenance cost, which could be reduced 80-90% by replacing it with a Guided Wave analyzer system. Allow our streamlined, accurate NIR system to reduce costs and hassle for your company.

GWI has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System. Our quality policy strives to supply a reliable, accurate and cost effective solution to satisfy our customer requirements and to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of our products and operations. GWI is ISO 9001 certified.

ISO 9001 Certification
GW Quality Statement

The quality of a company is measured by the company’s ability to meet the needs of its stakeholders. Guided Wave’s stakeholders comprise investors, employees and customers. Guided Wave’s business is to supply chemical analysis systems that its customers use to monitor and control their own manufacturing processes.

The purpose of Guided Wave is to create value for its customers by supplying them with process chemical analysis systems distinguished by high reliability, accuracy and low cost of ownership. Guided Wave is further committed to deliver the best technical support in the industry to help its customers realize the full quality, economic and safety benefits from their investment in process monitoring equipment.

In the context of this business and purpose, Guided Wave’s management believes that quality must be measured against performance in three general areas:

  • Success in meeting the evolving needs of customers with respect to reliability, accuracy, ease of use and cost of its analytical products and services;
  • Success in business operations as measured by financial results and internal measures of operational efficiency; and
  • Adherence to a high ethical standard in all its business activities.

Management, as a matter of policy, supports flexibility and carefully considered experimentation to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of its products and operations. It must use its resources to creatively anticipate and satisfy the future requirements of its customers.

The Chief Executive Officer/President and all management at GWI endorse and support this Quality Policy.


Successful partnerships depend upon being responsive to our customers at every turn.

  • It is our mission to expertly guide you through your application assessment, analyzer selection, calibration development, system integration, training and after-installation support.
  • It means we will earn your confidence.
  • It means that we deliver on time.
  • It means that we are accessible for assistance at any time during installation and system checkout.

Partnership means trust. Trust that Guided Wave will sell only quality products that are needed for the application. Trust that our expertise can be accessed any time to solve problems that may arise. Only by building this trust, can we earn repeat business from our customers and referrals from our customers to prospective customers.

Our growth as a process analytical company depends upon establishing this trust, which will be measured by our reliability and responsiveness.