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For more than 20 years, H&G has been a pioneer in the field of future-oriented disposal systems. This is where our success lies, based on the continuous, persistent improvement of innovative products and systems – resulting in technological and market leadership. H&G designs and manufactures customer-specific disposal solutions for leading chain stores, industrial and logistics enterprises, for cities, towns and local authorities, as well as for disposal companies – and thus for the modern housing industry. The focus of our portfolio is the Screw Compactor, for the efficient compaction of large volumes of waste, and the Underground Container Collection Systems for collecting recyclable and waste materials underground.

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Lützelner Straße 46 , Burbach , D-57299 Germany

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)

The main revenue generators for H&G Entsorgungssysteme GmbH are screw compactors, which make it possible to stem the growing tide of waste and recyclable materials. The principle is to compact huge quantities of waste materials to a minimum of their original volume so efficiently that disposal becomes fast, easy and, consequently economical. A huge bonus for all those responsible for waste disposal. The high level of manufacturing depth at the Burbach guarantees optimum standards of quality. We manufacture the majority of our machine components at our own facilities, as this guarantees the great flexibility H&G needs to satisfy customer requirements.

The second product line at H&G Entsorgungssysteme GmbH is underground container collection systems for waste disposal and recycling in the public and private domain as well as in modern residential construction. The idea is to banish ugly refuse containers underground, creating growing numbers of largely inconspicuous waste disposal points that blend harmoniously into the townscape. This in turn creates tidier, more attractive living environments and significantly enhances quality of life. In addition, underground systems from H&G stand for efficiency. The large-volume collection containers under the ground considerably reduce the number of emptying cycles required. This erstwhile niche product has long since become a coveted system with enormous growth potential.