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  • Screening, fish & jellyfish

    We work together with expert partners in respect to seawater intake screening system and fish and mammal deflection and return systems.

  • Bioprotect - Screening, fish & jellyfish

    Bioprotect - Screening, fish & jellyfish

    A continuous supply of seawater to an industrial facility (e.g. power and/or water producer, refinery, petrochemical plant, etc.) is critical to guarantee its full production potential. An unexpectedly high volume of biological material (e,g, jellyfish, fish, seaweed) can put production at risk by overwhelming the seawater intake screening system, resulting in a complete blockage and a trip of the plant.

  • Fish and mammal deterrent systems

    Fish and mammal deterrent systems

    Industries use large volumes of surface water for cooling purposes or to make potable water. In the process, their (cooling) water intake structures may draw in large numbers of fish (entrainment), which can block intake screens (impingement). Unfortunately, impingement and entrainment can injure and/or kill fish. Also, impingement can reduce or stops the flow of cooling water and may result in a facility shutdown, major downtime costs, and adverse...

  • Screening and filters

    Screening and filters

    Water screening and filtration, with more than 30+ years of experience in intake screening and filtering systems. For type selection and sizing, careful consideration will be given to water velocities, local tidal conditions, local sea life, likely debris loadings, environmental conditions, and regulations. Wherever water is taken from the sea, river, or lake, the configuration of the intake screening and filtering equipment is critical. Significant...