H2O TECH is the leading provider of integrated water treatment services and applications. No one can match our ability to apply unique combinations of chemical and biological agents to solve even the most complex water and wastewater problems.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Since no two situations are the same, the H2O Tech team of research scientists and technicians always customizes a solution for each application. We work with you, on-site, to improve your productivity, lower your costs and waste, and meet the strictest compliance requirements.

We provide solutions for clients across a number of industries from food and crop processing to manufacturing, and power utilities to municipalities. H2O Tech is clearly the best solution in the industry.

Polymers (Emulsions, Dispersions, Dry/Powder)

Anionic Polymers
Cationic Polymers
Non-Ionic Polymer
De-Watered Cationic

Proprietary Blend for Wastewater Treatment

SMZ Series
Specialty blend polymers
Dechlor plus


Water Based Anti-Foams
Oil Based Anti-Foams
Silicon Based Anti-Foams


Special Blend Coagulants
Polyamine Coagulant
Proprietary Poly DADMAC Blends


Pumps (DAF Recirculation, Sludge, Chemical Feed, Etc.)
pH Conductivity Control
Proprietary pH Control Systems
Proprietary pH Order Control Systems
Inventory Monitoring Equipment

Odor Control

Odor Neutralizer
Odor Control Alkali

H2O Tech recognizes that many of our clients are concerned about – and regulated by – the impact their businss has on the environment. We make every effort to turn what was previously considered a byproduct into products you can recycle.

Recycling is not only good for the environment, but also for your bottom line. H2O Tech is able to recover previously wasted chemicals – chemicals literally going down the drain – for use in other areas of your business. Thus, you spend less on chemicals and get more use from those you do purchase.

H2O Tech's ability to develop new and innovative programs to meet your needs sets us apart from our competition. Our focus is not simply selling the same old tired products, but instead constantly looking to innovate and reset the standards with fresh new solutions like our SMZ (surface modified zeolite) and Purefloc. H2O's approach is based on the mantra that providing improved cutting-edge treatment should also deliver gains in sustainability and profitability.

Proprietary Biologics

H2O Tech possesses leading-edge expertise in biological applications for water treatment. Time after time, H2O Tech has arrived into a situation in which our client's normal mechanical and chemical treatment was failing, yet we were able to develop proprietary biologics that solved the problem quickly and effectively.

We can create unique strains of microorganisms that are designed for your particular system. This unique capability allows us to eliminate costs for you. This may include the elimination of compliance fines, foregoing the need to buy new equipment or retrofit existing systems, greatly reducing the volume of chemicals needed for treatment, or lowering the volume and cost of solid waste. Our ability to do this puts H2O Tech at the top of the game and out in front of the competition.

Why H2O TECH Because when you're out of compliance, you want your entire problem solved and optimized with one phone call, from one company you can trust.

H2O Tech can quickly conduct trials to assess how to improve your water treatment processes. In as little as a few days or even a few hours, we can be on site to work out the chemistry of your particular water contaminants, and develop a customized approach of chemical, biological and mechanical treatment that is most efficient. Our seasoned technicians, working with our mobile lab equipment, can identify even the most complex problems in your system and get you into compliance right away.

At H2O TECH, not only are we experts at understanding the chemistry of water problems, but we make it a priority to provide the most cost-effective solutions for your program. We can even arrange for pilot scale testing of a new system, working with various equipment manufacturers as necessary. Our team of experts has years of hands-on experience in a variety of industries and understand your potential budget constraints. We evaluate your chemical, mechanical, and environmental issues, and find cost-effecient and often cost-saving solutions.

H2O solutions are backed by a performance guarantee so you pay for agreed upon results. H2O then converts fixed costs into revenue by optimizing process efficiency using the latest technology, ensuring compliance without sacrificing sustainability.