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Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH

Only a few companies can proudly look back on such a long, uninterrupted tradition. Founded in 1584 we are the oldest German papermakers manufacturing papers for traditional and digital artists as well as industrial papers.Since the founding of the company more than 400 years ago a forward-looking attitude has formed the basis for continuous growth and the innovative strength of the company. Close cooperation with national and international partners enables speedy transformation of research results into new products. These are successfully marketed via a global distributor network.

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Hahnestrasse 5 , Dassel , D-37586 D-37586 Germany
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Pulp & Paper
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Globally (various continents)
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Artists set the highest standards for the property and pureness of papers and boards they use – the basis of their work. Hahnemühle FineArt has been fulfilling these requirements with its products for over 420 years. Through its enormous sensitivity for artistic demands and creative needs, over the centuries, Hahnemühle has developed a comprehensive range of papers for professional artists and hobby painters and successfully offers it worldwide. For generations, Hahnemühle paper has been unique!


Tradition Obligates

Only a few companies can proudly look back on such a long, uninterrupted tradition. Since 1584, Hahnemühle’s papermakers have been proving that they superbly master the old craft: uniquely beautiful papers are created from pure spring water and first-class pulps, the same today as over 400 years ago. In the beginning hand-made vat papers were made, and today traditional recipes are still used to make papers which enthuse painters, graphic artists, illustrators, bookbinders and, more recently an increasing number of photographers. Since 1886, the artists’ paper factory in the south of Lower Saxony has taken the name Hahnemühle. Creative people worldwide associate this name with the very highest paper qualities.


Pure Inspiration

See, feel, paint – Hahnemühle paper simply inspires. The structure and elegance of the sheets and rolls from the cylinder or Fourdrinier paper machine simply entices to you to produce creative artwork. Hahnemühle’s Traditional FineArt Collection offers the right artists’ paper for each technique: for watercolour or acrylic painting, for sketches and pastel drawings, for charcoal, red chalk or oil paints. But Hahnemühle paper is also the first choice for various printing techniques, for restoration and highquality book-binding. Apart from a wide range of different grammages and surfaces, we also offer papers with classic watermarks and real deckle edges. All Hahnemühle papers are acid-free, lightfast and extremely age resistant.


Creative Innovations

Anyone who has mastered such a special and complex technology such as the production of high quality papers for as long and as well as Hahnemühle, continuously develops new fields of application. Apart from the Traditional FineArt Collection, Hahnemühle also offers the Digital FineArt Collection. Here the classic artists’ papers are finished and coated for InkJet printing to combine the precision of state-of-the-art photo papers with the wonderful elegance of artists’ papers. The Digital FineArt papers also appeal due to their high colour brilliance for digital prints and are especially suitable for photography, computer generated art, and painting and photographic reproductions. As the worldwide market leader for Digital FineArt papers, in today’s digital age, Hahnemühle combines tradition and innovation.


Specialty Papers Know How

With our know-how and our experience in producing 150 different specialty paper qualities we at Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH possess the necessary innovative energy to continuously develop new products. Our success in this sector underscores our expertise and the quality of our specialty papers. Our papers benefit both traditional and innovative products of our renowned customers from a variety of business sectors. The market sectors we supply with our specialty papers are equally as diverse and efficient as the properties of our papers: the electrical industry, the adhesive industry, medical, foodstuff and luxury foodstuff sector. Furthermore, Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH is the contract manufacturer for high-purity papers for filtration and chemical and biological analysis. New products are conceived in close cooperation with our clients. Depending upon product application we draw up the specifications of the finished product together with the customer and guarantee their compliance.


In the Lower Saxony town of Dassel Hahnemühle consistently developed along the lines established by the founding fathers: market-oriented, customer-oriented and innovative. In addition to the Relliehausen/Dassel location today there are subsidiaries located in Great Britain, France and in the USA with a worldwide total of 150 employees.

Today the oldest German artist’s paper mill embodies tradition and innovation: we have been producing high quality paper for more than 420 years for all traditional painting and printing techniques. With more than 80 different paper qualities in our Traditional FineArt Collection we are the market leader in Germany and one of the three leading suppliers of traditional paint papers in Europe. For a numbers of years now we have been supplying our traditional artist’s papers in a coated version to creative digital artists and innovative photographers. The natural structure and elegance combined with the special surface coating for inkjet printers enables unique reproductions to be made displaying a worldwide unrivalled colour gamut and brilliancy.

Of course some changes in production methods have taken place since 1584. Our fine paper division has developed mainly because of the growing requirements in art and technology. But some things have remained the same. For example, our quality requirements, that are inextricably linked with the technical tradition of the paper manufacturer and the demands of our customers: painters, graphic designers, illustrators, printers, archivists, bookbinders or photographers and advertising personnel, art students and school pupils all use our papers and boards. For all of these groups paper is a natural working medium on which, for a variety of reasons, they place high demands. In a continuous dialogue with our partners from the artists specialized trade and the end user we can keep up-to-date as to what these demands entail, how they change, how we can improve our products and open up new market segments. Our current product portfolio is a result of these shared experiences:

  • acid-free mould-made watercolour, etching and lithograph boards
  • acid-free mould-made Ingres and Bugra papers
  • acid-free watercolour boards, oil/acrylic, sketch and pastel papers
  • acid-free mounting boards and museum boards
  • acid-free watercolour boards and natural papers with a mould-made character
  • papers in all varieties for art, technical applications, school and communication purposes
  • coated artist and natural papers for innovative inkjet printing techniques
  • specialty papers for application in the manufacturing and processing industry


Paper is multifaceted and versatile. Even in this digital era of the most modern data transmission paper is still an indispensable element of daily life. Especially when it comes to capturing ideas and creative thoughts using traditional painting techniques or reproducing images using modern printing methods – the quality of the paper is of paramount importance. Hahnemühle has been committed to producing premium quality paper for hundreds of years.

Our foremost target is to make paper that satisfies the highest expectations of our customers. This promise made to our customers is itself an ongoing challenge to us: our products, production methods and quality control procedures have been continuously optimized over the last 420 years. We will remain committed to this target in the future.


The Art of Expression since 1584 – Charity and Sponsorship

Hahnemühle paper for creative and charity projects

More and more often we receive requests to provide paper for sponsorship and charity events. We are happy to assist and are eager to provide regular support to selected non-profit creative or charity projects on a regional, domestic or international level.

Our involvement in these projects as a corporate citizen arises from our social responsibility to support creativity. Due to a high diversity and a large number of requests, we decide whether to participate in a particular project after we have thoroughly analyzed if it is in line with the company image and the image of our products.

We are not involved in financial sponsoring. Our involvement is in the form of material donations – we provide a high quality paper on very special terms.

The responsibility of Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH towards the environment is, and has been for many years, inseparable from the history of our company and our community. Our three production sites in Germany are situated in Dassel and Einbeck. These centres are located in a very historical, and highly preserved cultural and recreational area of natural beauty.

As a company, we are very proud of our location and surroundings, which in turn, drives us to achieve higher than required standards of environmental control by the local and national government. With respect to the environmental, one of our mission is “To take care of our environment with greatest responsibility”. We are constantly measuring our products and processes against this mission, which has led to the following:

  • The establishment of raw material recycling in our paper production plant.
  • The effective removal of pollutants from air emissions in paper conversion, impregnation and membrane production plants.
  • The implementation of tighter than legally required limits (CSB content in waste water) in all our effluent treatment plants.
  • Selective purchasing from suppliers who adopt a recycling policy wherever possible.
  • The philosophy to reuse products before they are recycled or disposed of.
  • The use of chlorine free cellulose.
  • The selective purchasing of cultured wooden products only from suppliers who adopt and can prove to implement a replanting policy.
  • The use of processes, products and materials exhibiting reduced energy consumption.
  • The use of natural gas as an environmentally friendly energy source.
  • The use of managed, environmentally friendly disposal systems for our packaging material (“Grüner Punkt”).
  • Documentation, where appropriate, on environmentally hazardous materials (Material Safety Data Sheets).
  • The adoption and monitoring of our suppliers with respect to their environmental implications (Supplier Audits).