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  • City Cleaning

    Made-to-measure solutions for quick, economical removal of dirt and light debris in pedestrian areas, on foot paths and cycle ways, school grounds and sports facilities, graveyards and cementeries, car parks and much, much more...

  • Hako-Citymaster 300

    Hako-Citymaster 300

    For more sweeping and less transit time. With a choice of flexible disposal concepts. Sound-proofed, low vibration, suspended cabin. Clean water tank with a capacity of 150 litres. Water spraying jets on the plate brushes for dust control in sensitive working areas. Service-friendly; easy access to all components. Ergonomically designed workplace with excellent all round view. All controls in direct view and reach of the operator. Extremely...

  • Hako-Citymaster 1200

    Hako-Citymaster 1200

    The Hako-Citymaster 1200 provides a convincing solution to suit a wide range of applications. Tailor-made to meet the requirements in question. With numerous possibilities of expanding its functionality: for example, grounds and winter maintenance.

  • Hako-Citymaster 1200 CityCleaner

    Hako-Citymaster 1200 CityCleaner

    The Hako Citymaster 1200 has been tailor-made to meet the high demands placed on professional street and footpath cleaning. As an articulated compact sweeper it also ensures thorough cleanliness, even where space is limited. At the same time the machine concept guarantees the highest possible efficiency and economy for the operators. Once again the possibilities for using the Hako Citymaster 1200 have been extended even further with the new attachment...

  • Hako-Citymaster 2000

    Hako-Citymaster 2000

    There’s a lot to do in the City. The Hako-Citymaster 2000 sets new standards in terms of use and driver comfort. Connectible four-wheel drive, a sweeping width of up to 2.500 mm and a dirt hopper volume up to 1,85 m3 with high dump as well as additional winter maintenance options guarantee that municipal tasks are managed perfectly all year round.