HammerTek manufactures the Smart Elbow®, a revolutionary wear-resistant elbow. Unlike conventional “impact” elbows and “plugged-tee” elbows that rely on material impact to change direction, HammerTek’s Smart Elbow® design employs a spherical chamber that protrudes partially beyond the desired 90º or 45ºSince the ball of material rotates in the same direction as the airstream that powers it, incoming material is cushioned by the ball’s rotation, and is gently deflected around the bend. By preventing impact with the elbow wall, HammerTek’s Smart Elbow® deflection elbow virtually eliminates costly wear, material degradation, melting and plugging. Smart Elbows® provide solutions for conveyed materials such as powder, grain, sand, fly ash, wood chips, plastic, dust, grit, fluid, chemicals, corrosives and abrasives eliminating leaks, downtime, lost product, disposal and maintenance issues. Free-trials and one-year warranties are available.

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If you are tired of elbow failure, lost or damaged product, high cost shutdowns, and maintenance headaches, it’s time to upgrade your conveying system with our Smart Elbow. The Smart Elbow has been specially designed for your conveying needs. By creating a deflection zone, the Smart Elbow virtually eliminates elbow wear, product degradation, plugging, surging, cross contamination, noise, and turbulence. Its unique design saves space, time, and unnecessary costs. Navigate our site to learn how the Smart Elbow is revolutionizing conveying systems worldwide.


Innovation since day one.

HammerTek is the inventor and manufacturer of the Smart Elbow. Having recognized a need for extremely wear resistant and space efficient elbows, the designers created a revolutionary elbow that operates by deflection.

The Smart Elbow is a breakthrough in pneumatic and slurry conveying. Elbow wear, surging, product damage, plugging, and continual downtime are now nuisances of the past.