Hannover Milieu- en Veiligheidstechniek B.V. (HMVT)

HMVT is the Dutch mnemonic for Hannover Environmental and Safety Engineering Ltd. We create innovative environmental solutions for soil and groundwater remediation and purification of water and air currents. We work for a wide variety of customers ranging from governments, (petro) chemical industry, developers of other service providers. Our strength lies in applying our practical experience combined with our creativity.

Company details

Maxwellstraat 31 , EDE , 6710 BD Gelderland Netherlands

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

HMVT is a wide-ranging, green, technological organisation on a quest for innovative solutions for protecting and remediating soil as well as for cleaning water and air currents. The remediation of a diesel LNAPL layer under a former industrial site, the remediation of chlorine-contaminated groundwater under a city, purification of processed air using a (catalytic) incinerator or the deployment of a temporary wastewater treatment plant during maintenance of an industrial organisation. These are all examples of projects we are working on every day.

In the Netherlands, we are doing all the above under the banner of HMVT, in Belgium via our subsidiary company WeGroSan/HMVT.

Our staff is our most valuable asset: straight-forward, practical and aimed at solutions, client-oriented and innovative. That is what we have been doing since 1988: efficiently, cleverly and in a cost-saving manner! For that reason, we would love to be your partner!

HMVT aims to be a leading partner for the development and application of sustainable and integral eco-engineering solutions for the purification of soil, water and air.

We are working on the basis of the following core values:

HMVT is ambitious when it comes to matters such as shaping the world around us. Our basic principle? Working in a world full of opportunities! To us, that means: making the most of the opportunities and taking well-considered chances. Not keeping to the beaten track, but searching for other solutions, innovative ideas, or simply more efficient working methods. Dynamics is never achieved as a one-man performance; running a business is a team effort. As staff members amongst one another, as well as together with clients and partners.

Being people-oriented and client-oriented
Thanks to our clients we are in business and our employees are our main asset. Besides, people are at the centre of the everyday surroundings we are working on. Our aim: happy clients! In order to reach this goal, we must be able to offer vision and keep a sense of reality. In other words, we are results-oriented but at the same time we are also concerned with social interests, the environment, the (financial) margins and the person behind the work. That is the reason why investing in long-lasting relationships comes naturally to us.

A small world asks for big ideas. In our company, that means ample attention for personal development. And in our work, that means expanding our minds and our room to move. Literally, e.g. by looking across the country's borders, but also figuratively, by allowing ideas and plans to emerge. Our aim? To actually solve problems. It demands a combination of knowledge, experience, innovation and creativity, but most of all: space!

More than 20 years experience and a no-nonsense mentality have made HMVT to become a company with its feet firmly on the ground. HMVT aims to be a partner for the development of sustainable and integral eco-engineering solutions for the purification of our soil, air and water currents. Independent, professional, straight-forward, and always with respect for the environment. Our fundamental attitude? To be who we are! As a company, as an employee and as a human being.

The history of HMVT goes back to 1988 under the wings of Hannover Insurance, as the sister company of Hannover Umwelt Technik (HUT). In 1990, HMVT – Hannover Milieu- en Veiligheidstechniek BV – was formally set up. In the early years, HMVT was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to introduce in-situ soil remediation techniques.

In 1994, HMVT cut itself loose from the parent company and proceeded as an independent company. Since it gained independence, the company has seen steady growth in terms of personnel, knowledge, projects and applied remediation techniques. As well as being engaged in soil remediation projects, the company has also gained much experience in purification of water and air currents.

HMVT has also been operating on the Belgian market since the 1990's. The growing operation in Belgium justified the establishment of an office in Brecht in 2004: the subsidiary company WeGroSan/HMVT. In recent years, business extended even beyond the Dutch and the Belgian markets, especially in France, Germany and England.

At present, HMVT is an all-round eco-engineering company with specialist knowledge of many soil remediation methods as well as the purification of water and air currents. Our approx. 40 staff members could be described as being client-oriented, innovative, practical-thinking and entrepreneurial.

In 2001, HMVT became part of Oranjewoud. However, HMVT remains a self-reliant company, maintaining its own character.