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  • Shredders

  • Harden - Model QS - Four Shaft Shredders

    Harden - Model QS - Four Shaft Shredders

    The HARDEN four shaft shredders, or name it quad shredders, are perfectly suitable for scrap size reduction applications such as e-waste, rubber tire recycling, RDF production, and contaminated materials where uniformed medium particle size is desired. The four shaft shredders are very robust and built to sustain tough operating conditions without problem. HARDEN four shaft shredders are available in different sizes and works perfectly in combination...

  • Harden - EPS Compactors

    Harden - EPS Compactors

    HARDEN supplies EPS compactors that helps you to dispose EPS boxes/blocks in a cost effective way. EPS compactors makes it profitable for municipalities and businesses to recycle EPS. By recycling EPS, you make a valuable contribution toward a cleaner environment and give the EPS scrap a second life.

  • Harden - EPS Fine Grinder

    Harden - EPS Fine Grinder

    Two stage crushing for high throughput. Twin-shaft primary shredder for auto-feeding. Pneumatic conveying for low dust. Coarse shredding and fine grinding in one machine. Output particle size from 5mm to 12mm.

  • Harden - Model EPS - Coarse Shredder

    Harden - Model EPS - Coarse Shredder

    EPS Shredders are optimum solution for different shape of EPS waste recycling, allowing you to recycle your scrap completely back into the production process. The EPS shredder is featured with a rotor crusher and can be combined with a fine grinder. The shredder output EPS flake size is in the range of 30-80 mm, and the grinder output EPS particle size is in the range of 5-12 mm. The output EPS flakes/particles are to be used as cushion material or...

  • HARDEN - Model GB102 - Glass Crusher and Bottle Crusher

    HARDEN - Model GB102 - Glass Crusher and Bottle Crusher

    The GB102 is especially suited for crushing glass bottles, jars and similar glass materials. Harden marine shredders are widely used for waste size reduction on marine vessels, and offshore plateforms. Harden Shredder Machinery is specialized manufacturer of waste shredders for the applications of municiple waste, kitchen waste, plastic scrap, metal scrap, and waste paper.

  • HARDEN - Model HDS150 - Mobile hard drive shredder

    HARDEN - Model HDS150 - Mobile hard drive shredder

    Hard Drive Shredder Electronic device become a part of life to the human being, they upgrade very fast, so more and more electronic waste generate each days. Hard drive are main of them. And most of them have store confidential information, someone will use software to erase the data, but as to know, this way just delete the directories but the acutual data will remains, the information can be restored. So physically shredding is the only 100% secure...