HARDSTONE RESOURCES CORP. is a basalt rock quarrying/mining company with vast inventory of basalt rock deposits in Panay Island, Philippines.Its primary purpose is to engage in prospecting, exploring, developing, extracting, operating, and commercial utilization of quarry resources like basalt, basaltic agglomerates and other stone resources, rocks, limestone, silica, manganese and other mineral resources ; undertake the management and operation of quarries and processing plants; produce crushed rock aggregates. Its secondary purpose is Manufacture, fabricate, process basalt concrete products ,pre cast and other products made of rock aggregates and to engage in construction, manufacturing ,processing, land development and operation of aggregates/mineral development projects. It has several operating basalt rock quarries in Iloilo and is capable of supplying large quantities of basalt boulders and Armour rocks for reclamation and slope protection projects.

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Construction & Construction Materials
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Nationally (across the country)
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